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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: Dive into Hyrule with this heroic Link figure!

If you have been playing Tears of the Kingdom, then you know Link very well: The protagonist of the legendary saga The Legend of Zelda is undoubtedly one of the most iconic characters in the history of video games. The hero of Hyrule has a simple but effective design, which is slightly altered in each installment, and the most recent one was no exception.

This is a benefit that this franchise has, since each Link is a new incarnation: It is not always the same exact character. The design of Link in Tears of the Kingdom is one of the most interesting. Now, you can show off this great design with this new figure that blew our minds!

Figura De Link Totk Comp 1
Figura De Link Totk 2

From the hand of HERO BELIEF and HUNTER FAN STUDIO, we have this excellent figure of the incarnation of Link that stars The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The level of detail is worthy of praise: The hair and cape flying against the “wind”, the texture of the clothes, his mysterious magic arm and even the imposing Master Sword (Which is also a separate accessory) This figure of Link is a work of art that any collector would want to have in their collection, especially those who are fans of The Legend of Zelda.

The best part of this figure is how it captures the essence and atmosphere of Tears of the Kingdom perfectly, by including a base that replicates the floating islands of the game, with clouds and birds that show the altitude at which the hero is. It seems as if Link was about to jump into the void at any moment, which is completely appropriate, since that is something you will do several times in this game.

Figura De Link Totk 3
Figura De Link Totk 4

As usual for Mirai Collectibles figures, this Link comes in 2 scales, each with its own proportions and prices:

Link at 1/6 Scale:

  • Size: 37.6 cm high, 20 cm wide and 24 cm dimension
  • Full Price: 1130 Ringgits (250 dollars)
  • Deposit: 560 Ringgits (124 dollars)

1/4 Scale Link:

  • Size: 52 cm high, 28 cm wide and 33.6 cm in dimension.
  • Full Price: 1480 Ringgits (327.40 dollars)
  • Deposit: 700 Ringgits (155 dollars)

Both versions of this Link statue are big and expensive guys, but they are completely worth it for those who are eager to acquire and collect them. You can enjoy the magical and unique experience that is The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, as Link looks on with heroic determination inside your own home – you can’t miss it! If you are interested in this figure, you can purchase it by clicking “here”.

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About The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom:

In addition to the vast lands of Hyrule, the latest installment in the legendary Legend of Zelda series will take you to the skies! We look forward to Link’s enormous adventure to begin anew when you land on the new adventures in Tears Of The Kingdom.

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