Yuri Whisper Me a Love Song unveiled its premiere in beautiful visuals

In the official media for the anime adaptation of Eku Takeshima‘s Yuri manga “Sasayaku You ni Koi wo Utau” (Whisper Me a Love Song) it has been confirmed that the series is scheduled to begin airing on television in Japan starting April 13 of this year.

This incredible news has left fans of this franchise excited and to complement this announcement, the production committee of the series has presented a new visual image, which features the characters Yori Asanagi and Himari Kino.

Yuri Whisper Me a Love Song will be released on April 13 of this year.

Sasayaku You Ni Koi Wo Utau Anime Visual

But that’s not all, as the official media for the anime series “Whisper Me a Love Song” introduced the people in charge of performing the main themes of the anime. The fictional band of the series, “SSGIRLS“, with Kana Sasakura (voice of Yori Asanagi) as the vocalist, will perform the opening theme song titled “Follow your Arrows”, while Hana Shimano (voice of Himari Kino) will be in charge of performing the closing theme song.

It is worth remembering that the anime “Whisper Me a Love Song” was scheduled to premiere on Japanese television in January of this year. However, due to some problems in the production of the series, it was decided to delay its premiere for the summer season of this year (April – June).

Sasayaku You Ni Koi Wo Utau Anime Min 1

Previously, the official website of the anime Whisper Me a Love Song introduced the new production team that will be involved in the production of the series, and those in charge are as follows:

Akira Mano (replacing Xin Ya Cai) is in charge of directing the anime. Animation production will be handled by the animation studios Yokohama Animation Lab and Cloud Hearts, and the anime’s scripts will be supervised by Hiroki Uchida. Minami Yoshida is in charge of the anime’s character design. Hiroshi Sasaki and Wataru Maeguchi are in charge of composing the anime’s soundtrack.

Miembros del Elenco de Voz:

  • Asami Seto As Yori Asanagi
  • Hana Shimano As Himari Kino
  • Mikako Komatsu As Aki Mizuguchi
  • Konomi Kohara As Mari Tsutsui
  • Ai Kakuma As Kaori Tachibana
  • Yuna Nemoto As Shiho Izumi
Sasayaku You Ni Koi Wo Utau Anime Visual

Whisper Me a Love Song follows the story of Yori Asanagi, a young woman who radiates maturity in various aspects of her life, but maintains a palpable innocence when it comes to romantic matters. The plot is triggered when Himari Kino, a freshman, suddenly confesses her love after Yori’s band’s performance at the opening ceremony.

In confusion and surprise, Yori seeks advice from her friends, only to be met with teasing that insinuates she is experiencing love for the first time. Determined, Yori sets out to reciprocate Himari’s feelings, but the plot takes an unexpected turn when she realizes that what Himari loves is not her, but her music!

The series follows Yori as he pursues his love for Himari, vowing to make Himari fall in love with her. As this passionate story unfolds, the question arises: will this love blossom or remain unrequited? Whisper Me a Love Song promises to explore the complexities of romance and authenticity amidst thrilling twists and turns.