Goblin Slayer

Yuka Iguchi, the Farmer in Goblin Slayer, has an eye-catching backside that arouses great interest.

Yuka Iguchi, the voice of La Granjera in Goblin Slayer and Crusch Karsten in Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu, has gained great popularity in social networks for her incredible physique that makes her look much younger and a figure with enviable curves.

Recall that the seiyuu Yuka Iguchi, the voice of the Goblin Slayer Farmer, is 35 years old and is a faithful lover of a healthy lifestyle and fitness, maintaining an excellent physical condition that seems to make her look younger as the years go by.

Yuka Iguchi’s butt goes viral

Yuka Iguchi, La Granjera En Goblin Slayer, Causa Furor
Yuka Iguchi, La Granjera En Goblin Slayer, Causa Furor

Every time the Japanese voice actress posts new images of her daily life and workouts on her official social networks, they go viral and end up generating a big debate on the internet. And now, the seiyuu has published a photo album in which she shows herself doing various exercises in poses that enhance her curves and focus mainly on her butt.

Following the publication, Japanese users have begun to point out that Yuka Iguchi’s butt, the voice of The Goblin Slayer Farmer, is so big that it is impossible to be mesmerized and generates a rather peculiar debate. With a somewhat vulgar tone, comments such as “that butt is so big that I would like to have it on my face”, “it’s the nicest butt I’ve ever seen”, “the person who took the pictures enjoyed it too much”, etc., could be seen.

Yuka Iguchi, La Granjera En Goblin Slayer, Causa Furor

One user noted “it’s quite logical for men and women to be sexually attracted to each other, but humans are just being irrational and saying all kinds of strange things,” referring to the crazy comments shared by the Japanese community upon seeing Yuka Iguchi.

On the other hand, there were users who pointed out how the seiyuu’s fitness lifestyle and the visible results of working out have inspired them to change their diet and pay more attention to their health, with a variety of comments praising Yuka Iguchi’s muscles and impressive workout routine.

El Gran Trasero De Yuka Iguchi La Granjera En Goblin Slayer Causa Furor

Yuka Iguchi is a Japanese seiyuu (voice actress) and singer, affiliated with the Office Osawa agency. She began her career as a seiyuu in 2002 and the following year landed her first role in the anime Di Gi Charat Nyo! where she voiced Akari Usada. Her first leading role came in 2007, playing Haruka Amami in Idolmaster: Zenoglossia.

In 2012, Yuka was awarded Best Personality at the Seiyuu Awards thanks to her performances in series such as Toaru Majutsu no Index, Bakemonogatari and Fractale. Some of Yuka Iguchi ‘s most notable roles include Index in To Aru Majutsu no Index, Yu Sonoda in Sakura Trick, Tsukihi Araragi in Monogatari, The Farmer in Goblin Slayer and Maho Misawa in Ro-Kyu-Bu! SS.