Yoasobi Idol reinterpreted by Japanese Youtuber

Oshi no Ko last season was a success and it was largely thanks to his characters, story and “Idol” by Yoasobi, its opening theme; this was undoubtedly the song of the season, as the musical hit not only snuck into the playlists of anime fans, but managed to climb to world top number 1 on Billboard position that kept several weeks and months, the popularity and good rhythm was so impressive that quickly social networks like TikTok were filled with trends where the song was the protagonist.

The successful youtuber HikakinTv sings “Idol by Yoasobi!

Oshi No Ko Ai Hoshino
Yoasobi Idol Youtuber

But first, who is HikakinTv? Well, this Youtuber would be like the Japanese counterpart of Mr. Beast, because his very successful channel has 11.2 million subscribers, a pretty impressive figure, where this “Otaku” mainly makes parodies, blogs where he shows himself walking the streets of Japan and playing the most impressive “gachas” that he finds along the way, besides fulfilling the dream of many, which is to spend a fortune in figures, collectibles, and it seems that now he will delight his fans with a new section of anime covers.

And the selected one for this new phase will be Idol by Yoasobi, undoubtedly a hit for this new section, and although the opening sequence of Oshi no Ko is quite impressive, we are quite curious, as well as excited to see how HakakinTv will carry out this performance, and the most important thing is to see and hear how this great song will be adapted to the Japanese youtuber’s voice style.

Let’s remember that although this version of the most important song of Yoasobi by the Japanese comes a little late because there are already a lot of covers of it that we can find on YouTube and Tiktok, this one acquires more relevance, since the subscriber base and budget that HakakinTv has is higher than what we have seen so far, we certainly hope it will be a success and we can enjoy a new reinterpretation.

Something that is quite important to mention is that Idol by Yoasobi being in a privileged position within the world music rankings, opened the way for the anime industry to have more exposure and reach new audiences hungry for being captivated by incredible as well as wonderful new stories, a situation that we consider important, as this will benefit the industry with new capital and if the fans can enjoy more works as well as better quality animation.

We hope that this trend continues to rise thanks to the push of personalities inside and outside the world of anime, meanwhile tell us in the comments section what you thought of this new version and idol video of Yoasobi by the Japanese youtuber.