Xbox Showcase 2024

Xbox Showcase 2024: The best video games presented at the event

The Xbox Showcase 2024 was undoubtedly one of the best in the history of the Xbox brand, as the number of games presented was immense. But it was not only the number that was surprising, but the quality of each one of them and the huge impact that some of them caused to gamers such as Perfect Dark, Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater, Black OPS 6 and DOOM: The Dark Ages, so many announcements came from the Microsoft company.

Xbox Showcase 2024: The best announcements of the event

Xbox Showcase 2024 Videojuegos

The annual Xbox event had as a prologue an announcement of Call Of Duty: Black OPS 6, which is a presumed continuation of COD Black OPS: Cold War. The new Call Of Duty game will be set after the Cold War remembering that this ended between 1989 and 1991 with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the dissolution of the USSR, the last installment of a “Black OPS” was released as an intergenerational game in late 2020, subsequently other installments were released as: Vanguard, MW II, MW III and the Battle Royale Warzone 2.0.

At the end of the Call Of Duty: Black OPS 6 cinematic, Phill Spencer went on stage to welcome the event, in the middle of a big smile and to introduce what would be the best Xbox presentation, he made the worldwide announcement of the best breakthrough of the day, which shocked more than one gamer, DOOM: The Dark Ages. This videogame was only a rumor among fans, but showing it specifically for the Xbox SEO left fans of the saga with an excellent feeling.

DOOM: The Dark Ages showed in 2 minutes what fans of First Person Shooter (FPS) and the franchise love so much, a Slayer without mercy and killing all the adversities and demons in his path: enemies of the new trilogy (DOOM 2016, Eternal) already known, new beings to face. In addition, it was seen a medieval atmosphere that catches from the first scenes, a bit of gameplay, allies and it has also been revealed that it will be the prequel to DOOM 2016, being that the video game from id Software and Bethesda will arrive in 2025.

Doom The Dark Ages

Electronic Arts and Bioware were present at the event with a big surprise, since the return of one of the most popular RPGs, Dragon Age, seemed to be finished with its trilogy: Origins, II and Inquisition. But now Dragon Age: The Veilguard will be the return of the mythical saga and was presented at the Xbox Showcase with a cinematic trailer, some game specs and a bit of gameplay, The Veliguard will be released in autumn this year.

One of the first games that surprised by not being in anyone’s budget was “ClairObscur: Expedition 33” a video game with excellent cinematics, with the combat aesthetics of Persona and Bloodborne a setting of any game of the classic genre with the same types of invincible enemies, making these combinations with an attractive release date in 2025. Flintlock: The Siege Of Dawn also calls itself an “explosive title” and thanks to its solid gameplay, with alternating black and white graphics, it promises to be and will be available on July 18.

Blizzard also gave a pleasant surprise to PC gamers, and they took advantage of the Xbox Showcase to broadcast a wonderful cinematic preview where they showed the tenth expansion of the videogame that has taken them to the top: “World of Warcraft“. WoW: The War Within will arrive on August 26th of this year. Another game that will return to PC and now also to Xbox consoles, will be Age of Mytology: Retold, an expansion with more gods arriving on September 4, 2024.

Xbox Showcase World Of Warcraft The War Within

Also revealed was the release, in conjunction with Konami, of the “remake” of the 2004 videogame “Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater” being one of the most surprising revelations of the day, as this is considered the best videogame of the entire saga. In addition, it was revealed that it will be exclusive to Xbos Series X|S, something that comes in handy for fans who have been asking for exclusive videogames, unfortunately there is not even an estimated release date due perhaps to the upcoming October release of Silent Hill 2.

After the last installment of Perfect Dark, Perfect Dark: Zero in 2010 the saga seemed to have come to an end, it was the developers of The Initiative and Crystal Dynamics in conjunction with Xbox Game Studios who during the Game Awards 2020 would present a cinematic trailer that would once again excite fans of this saga with the launch of a reboot of Perfect Dark. The project was forgotten, but in this Xbox Showcase 2024, they surprised almost everyone, because they showed not only cinematics, but a good part of gameplay of Perfect Dark, despite this, the game has no release date.

Fable once again gave us details of what the game will be like, in the form of cinematics, as no gameplay could be seen at the event held by Xbox and its partners, it was revealed that it will be released in 2025. On the other hand, Mixtape aims to be a teenage adventure, relaxing, and with high quality soundtracks, the game will also be released in 2025. For Life Is Strange fans, a new adventure focused on Max Caufield was announced, which will also include alternate realities, in conjunction with Square Enix (Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Nier: Automata), Life is Strange: Double Exposure will be released exclusively for Xbox X Series X|S and PC on October 29th.

Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater

A cinematic and gameplay preview of Indiana Jones and The Great Circle was revealed, this videogame will be exclusive for Xbox Series X|S consoles thanks to its development by Machinegames (Wolfenstein saga) IP of Bethesda that was acquired in the purchase of Xbox some time ago. The game is licensed by Lucas Film Games and both the trailer and the gameplay make it look excellent, a game that will have the right balance between action and stealth, very much in the style of the adventurer Indiana Jones.

WUCHANG: Fallen Feathers gave us another of the best previews of the Xbox Showcase 2024, even though it will be another Soulslike, its Japanese style cinematics and a very small gameplay proved that 2025 brings great things for Xbox users, as it will be an exclusive for their next generation consoles and Game Pass. Avowed by Obsydian (The Outer Worlds) was another game that few expected to see something, however, they already showed a little more gameplay and gave the approximate release date which will be this same 2024.

And to finish with this event, one of the most important announcements of all, Gears of War: E-Day was presented to all fans, exciting pleasantly for being the continuation of one of the franchises not only emblems of Xbox, but of the most significant in the world of gaming. In conclusion, many interesting new games were revealed in this Xbox conference, and they also showed us a lot of material of games that we already knew were going to be released, demonstrating that Microsoft still has many weapons to face its competitors.

Xbox Showcase 2024: Los Mejores Videojuegos Presentados En El Evento

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