Woman in Japan shows the harsh reality of wanting to get married

Japan is a country that is often very resisted by other parts of the world, more precisely with its culture that leads people to find themselves in very hard situations that in other countries would be everyday or happy. One of the most talked about is marriage, and recently the story of a woman who uses the pseudonym of Sachiko attracted a lot of attention. She is a 43-year-old office worker who recently registered with a marriage counseling agency, as she wants to have children, hence she decided to register with a dating agency, all for fear of rejection, opening the debate.

Anime fan woman in Japan wants to get married and have children

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“I signed up about three weeks ago, but I have yet to officially request a session with any man interested in me.” I have a job and have found it difficult to find time to devote to these activities. I’m tired when I go back to work during the week and I want to relax on weekends, so I don’t feel like engaging in marital activities” was what she commented.

Sachiko’s story became quite popular in Japan after the famous magazine Women SPA! shared an article where the famous marriage counselor Ai Tanaka (田中亜依) gave her testimony. This woman achieved popularity after she claimed to have married after dating more than 600 men, this over a period of ten years. She claims that she spent more than 7 million yen (more than 45 thousand dollars) on dating services and this is how now Ai Tanaka has provided love support to more than 1000 men and women every year, she provides realistic and useful information for marriage search.

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But going back to the story of the woman in Japan who wants to get married, the article addresses two rather interesting issues that prevent a woman from finding a husband; the first being that women have an extreme fear of rejection; “Somehow, I feel that even if I apply, it won’t work out anyway. Maybe I don’t want to see the reality of being rejected by a man,” was what Sachiko said.

And the second is that they prefer to put off looking for a partner until it is too late. We can see that these issues are not just exclusive to Japan, all around the world both men and women go through this, the harsh reality is present more than once and no one is exempt from rejection. Like Sachiko, we can find thousands of reasons not to look for a partner because the fear is greater.

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An example of this is that Sachiko said that she did not have much time, as her work and other activities took up much of it and the only thing she wanted to do once she was at home was to rest. The consultant Ai Tanaka, upon hearing this, checked her file and realized that she did have plenty of time, but she only dedicated it to her greatest hobby, which is anime.

According to the article from Japan, just as there are women who want to get married and take marriage counseling very seriously, there are also other women who “don’t really want to get married, but would like to if there is a good person”, this is where the protagonist of this article Sachiko comes in. Counselor Tanaka says that many people think that when they enter a marriage counseling agency they will find a partner and get married.

But the reality is quite different. Just because a person joins a counseling agency does not mean that he or she will be able to get married; the person must do his or her part to make this possible. As we said before, this kind of situation does not only happen in Japan, it happens all over the world, everywhere you can find a “Sachiko” who is afraid to experiment, either because of their tastes or fear of rejection, but there is nothing else to do but to try.

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