Horizon: Forbidden west

We’ve already played – Horizon: Forbidden west for PC and it’s awesome!

Horizon: Forbidden west an incredible experience

The game begins with a brief summary of the events since the last time we played with Aloy, showing us the long journey that the protagonist has undertaken during this interval. After this introductory moment, before entering a vast open world, we find a prologue which again shows us the mechanics of the game and delves into the plot that this title will address.

Once this prologue is over, Horizon: Forbidden West gives us the opportunity to explore a vast open world that, although it follows the traditional principles of the genre, stands out for its solid base, allowing the player to get lost for hours without falling into monotony. The great diversity of mechanical creatures and meticulously crafted side quests contribute to the player’s involuntary immersion while advancing in the main story.

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Pc edition

After giving a return to this great title, but now on pc, we can realize how well worked was made its port to PC and how at no time resulted in performance problems or any bug that has affected our experience, by the developer NIXXES Software, did a great job of bringing this experience from PlayStation 5 to PC.

The game could be tested on a computer with specifications such as a 7800XT graphics card and an i7 14700F processor at 2K resolutions and had an exceptional performance where at no time there were the typical problems of frame drops or continuous lag, this shows the dedication and good work that was done to this port. A great experience that should be enjoyed if you have a PC Master Race.


Exploring the world

As in the first title, we have the “Focus” that will be of great help to guide us and detect machines, hidden areas, materials and chests that will give us certain rewards. On the other hand, if you want to go straight to the story, this title allows you the fast travel mode, where by means of the bonfires that you find in the title, you could move much faster through the world.

From the first moment, the title invites you to explore and rewards you very well with materials for weapons ammunition and parts that will give us the possibility of acquiring much more advanced equipment that will make our adventure much more enjoyable. We will have the possibility to climb large mountains on our own and control machines that will help us to better explore this vast world.

A great addition was the exploration underwater and find a beautiful landscape but at the same time something hidden, which encourages us to explore this new environment and discover all the mysteries.


Graphic Level

And as it may be obvious at the graphic level is a visual wonder, its landscapes, scenery, character designs and machines is impressive, taking full advantage of the capabilities that the power of a PC can offer, because as mentioned before, this game enjoys great power for having been released to PC and without affecting the fluidity of their animations.

It is a game that at any time you can stop to take a screenshot to put in the background of your desktop.

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Horizon: Forbidden West is a great title, and thanks to the hand of Nixxes Software, we can enjoy this incredible title on PC, which I totally recommend if you want to enjoy beautiful landscapes, a catching and immersive gameplay and a story that as in his first title is not far behind.