Wacom goes viral after promoting the use of AIs

At the beginning of a new year, the company Wacom has had to receive thousands of criticisms from its users, for those who do not know this company, it is dedicated to producing digitizing tablets for all artists, like XPpen or Huion. Why would it be in the eye of the hurricane, because in recent illustrations of their networks, images generated by new artificial intelligence technologies have been detected, something that, for those who are lovers of drawing, may seem very hypocritical on the part of the company.

Graphics tablet company Wacom becomes trendy for using AIs

Wacom Ia Visual 01
Wacom Nuevo Año Visual 02

At the beginning of the year, in the social networks of the graphics tablet manufacturer Wacom, a post is published wishing a happy new year, year of the dragon, with an image starring this mythological being. But those who saw the publication noticed something strange, and is that this was made with artificial intelligence, something that did not put very happy to their buyers, as many expressed negatively against the company.

It is no exaggeration to say that this is an offense to digital illustrators who buy Wacom’s products, since not long ago an all-out war was waged against AIs by artists. For certain issues, publishing this illustration has created a huge stir, so much so that the company did not hesitate to blow up the illustration from its networks, confirming everyone’s suspicions.

Many users have shown their total rejection, disappointment and even sadness for this fact, in different negative comments, artists who feel somehow betrayed by their trusted company, since it is known for its affordable prices and outstanding quality. It is not something exaggerated, because artists do not earn as much as it is said, an example are the content creators on the Webtoon platform, who apparently do not have as much as speculated, which we have compiled in this note of our page.

Wacom Polemica Twitter Captura 02
Wacom Polemica Twitter Captura 01

Wacom has added a new illustration, this time without using the previous methods, trying to go unnoticed, but, in social networks, it has formed a trend, with many negative reviews, some say they want to change company, to Clip Studio, XPpen, Huion, to avoid possible problems, it is a matter of values, many say. If you want to take a look at this controversial illustration and the comment thread, you can do it from here.

Those of us who know the community of artists, understand that, after so many years of effort illustrating, so much money invested and hours of practice or study. It becomes very heavy that your trusted company uses Artificial Intelligence, which is the enemy of the vast majority of artists, for some a tool, but morally it is not a good omen, even less for a company that offers tools for digital artists.

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