VR Kanojo

VR Kanojo own virtual waifu, surprises with new announcement

VR Kanojo is a video game that comes from the distant lands of Japan, the land of waifus, where technology surprises us more and more. On this occasion, the developers of this virtual reality game have decided that a single installment was not enough, so they have suddenly announced that they are developing a sequel that promises to make the experience of having a virtual girlfriend even more immersive and realistic and will be released during the winter in Japan.

VR developers Kanojo have announced that their game will have a sequel and will be released later this year.


This announcement has generated a lot of buzz among virtual reality fans and waifu fans. The first installment of VR Kanojo already offered a unique experience, allowing players to interact with a virtual girlfriend in an intimate and personal way. The promise of a sequel takes this interaction to a new level, with technological enhancements that will make interactions even more detailed and authentic.

The developers have hinted that the new installment will include improved graphics, a wider variety of scenarios and deeper interaction options, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in life with their virtual girlfriend. This advancement in VR technology not only provides entertainment, but also explores the possibilities of virtual reality in creating emotional connections and meaningful experiences.

News of the sequel has caused quite a stir on social media, with many fans sharing their excitement and anticipation. The constant innovation and desire to improve the user experience shows the commitment of VR Kanojo’s developers to their audience. With this sequel in development, VR Kanojo cements itself as a pioneer in the romance simulation virtual reality game genre. Gamers in Japan are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to dive into this new chapter and discover all the new features that this even more immersive and realistic experience will bring.


Although not much information has been revealed yet, it is expected that the protagonist of this VR Kanojo sequel will be different from the one we met in the first installment. This change promises to offer a new dynamic and refresh the experience for players. However, details about the minimum computer requirements to run this sequel have not yet been announced. This has generated speculation and curiosity among the gaming community, anxious to know if their computers will be able to support the expected technological improvements.

The sequel, to be called “VR Girlfriend,” promises to take the romance simulation to a whole new level. The developers are focused on creating an even more immersive and realistic experience, taking advantage of recent technological advances in VR. Players can expect enhanced graphics, deeper interactions and a wider variety of scenarios that will enrich the overall game experience.

The news of “VR Girlfriend” has generated a flurry of excitement on social media, with many fans sharing their excitement at the announcement of this new installment, as well as many comments on the game’s possible features. VR developers Kanojo’s commitment to innovation and constant improvement ensures that this sequel will be a new milestone in the virtual reality romance simulation game genre.


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