Uzaki-chan Wa Asobitai: “Sleeping” finally becomes official!

After several chapters, many shenanigans and several moments of romance, finally in the last chapter of Uzaki-chan Wa Asobitai! (Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!) happened an event that we had been waiting for a long time and that many fans had given that it was not going to happen with the last chapter, but that surprisingly did not leave aside, since finally in the continuation of chapter 106 we could finally see how the delicious happens, and this left many people excited in social networks.

Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!: After 106 chapters, the delicious

Uzaki Chan Wa Asobitai 1

The team in charge of the manga of Uzaki-chan wa asobitai surprised us today, since according to what is circulating in the social networks and by one of the panels published in the official account of the manga, it seems that after the marriage proposal between Uzaki and Sakurai in the last chapter, there was a moment where the two characters managed to give in to their impulses and decided to perform the delicious taking advantage of the moment of romance that the two had.

This could have been seen since the last chapter of Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!, in which Uzaki was looking forward to this, but due to the marriage proposal many thought that maybe this would have remained as in other series and would have been a simple bait, but it seems that no and the author decided to fulfill the hopes of the fans and make this act consummated in the last chapter of the manga, thrilling thousands of readers of Uzaki-chan Wa Asobitai.

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In the panels of chapter 106 of the manga that are circulating we can see how the two characters of Uzaki-chan Wa Asobitai accept their feelings again and even prepare to make the delicious, we can even see Uzaki nervous, covered by a single sheet while waiting for Sakurai who is taking a bath before starting this exciting event full of passion that awaits our protagonists and that will unite them even more than they were.

And finally the moment arrives in which Uzaki sees the anaconda of Sakurai and is shocked to see such an impressive monument and even wonders if she would enter everything, then Sakurai says that he will be responsible for everything and so without waiting for Uzaki they begin to make the delicious for several hours, even you can see how the night falls and at the end Uzaki gets angry with Sakurai for not waiting when he told her, but she is satisfied with what she lived.

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Although the last chapter was somewhat shorter than usual, it focused on this that fans had been waiting for a long time and left several people happy on social networks by having the author focus solely on this situation exclusively and in a way she handled it in a pretty funny way as she usually does, so it certainly met the expectations of people who had been following this story for a long time.

Wow, these last days the authors are surprising us with the events that occur in their stories, as they break the expectations of the fans that have for these stories and manage to get excited in social networks, even with the unexpected marriage proposal of the previous chapter of Uzaki-chan Wa Asobitai that no one expected and with this event, surely the fans will have much to talk about in the following days, so let’s hope that the reactions that they have are positive and continue to support the authors.