Ufotable’s account disappears from Twitter/X

We have known the acceptance that the studio has in the country of the rising sun, being Ufotable one of the most acclaimed by the Asian public, something that has had the fans very happy after its release… although now we must talk about something strange that has happened in recent hours, the official Twitter/X account of the animation studio, has it disappeared?

Ufotable studio disappears from Twitter/X

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In recent forums in the land of the rising sun has been constantly exclaimed a somewhat strange fact that occurred in recent hours of the day on behalf of the Ufotable studio, when trying to access the Twitter/X profile of the animation studio offers us the screen of “This account does not exist”, implying that the account is no longer available, causing fans to speculate about it, what will have happened?

Fans have worriedly commented on networks and forums saying things like, “The Twitter/X account disappeared, will they be okay?”, “Maybe it just froze, but it’s been a few minutes, what will have happened?”. They conclude that maybe it is due to a technical problem or a crash, but there is still the worry of something else.

This may be alarming, but if we also look at the animation studio’s various social networks, we can see that they are still up, without any problems or glitches, so this may be due to a stumble with the platform. Recently, the studio has become very popular, being one of the most acclaimed by the Japanese public, appearing everywhere being nominated by fans, something we have detailed in this note on our page.

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It is somewhat vague, but we can only hope that this will change, that the account will be restored to normal, it may be a project that will be unveiled or an announcement … or simply that they have had technical failures on the platform, although concerned, fans remain attentive to the updates of the social network, hopefully this will return soon.

The trajectory of Ufotable is impeccable since its founding in October 2000, an animation studio noted for its quality in each frame, its production, which with works such as Kimetsu no Yaiba or the Fate/Stay Night saga, has broken the internet growing in each of its chapters. His works have offered him a place in the industry to the point of being recognized as one of the best studios in the history of Japan by the Otaku community.

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