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Trinity Seven: measurements of Lieselotte Sherlock’s Boobas

Fans of the anime Trinity Seven are surprised by a new detailed analysis by Twitter/X user @hikari_okiraku, known for his meticulous evaluation of the physical attributes of anime characters, who recently focused his attention on Lieselotte Sherlock, one of the characters that stands out for her beauty and seduction.

Size of Trinity Seven’s Lieselotte Sherlock Attributes Revealed

Trinity Seven Medidas De Lieselotte Sherlock 6

User @hikari_okiraku, known for his accurate approach and dedication to anime character evaluation, recently shared on his Twitter/X account the detailed results of his measurements on the attributes of Lieselotte Sherlock, a character from the Trinity Seven series. The analysis captured the community’s attention, especially because of Trinity Seven’s popularity and Lieselotte Sherlock’s appeal as a character.

Meticulously detailing every aspect, @hikari_okiraku revealed Lieselotte Sherlock’s official measurements, starting with the character’s height, which some media outlets confirm stands at an average of 155 cm. With this he proceeded to meticulously measure other aspects of her anatomy, specifically, the distance from the back to the bottom of her attributes, obtaining a result of 14 cm and surrounding it was recorded a measurement of 65.4 cm.

The analysis determined the measurements of Lieselotte Sherlock’s attributes, from the front to the highest part of them, obtaining a measurement of 8.5 cm. Finally, the measurement from the torso to the top of her attributes was given, and when surrounding this area, a surprising measurement of 85.2 cm was obtained. This data led to an even more intriguing revelation: Lieselotte Sherlock has an E cup size.

Below we share the images where you can better see the process performed by the Twitter/X user:

Trinity Seven Medidas De Lieselotte Sherlock 2
Trinity Seven Medidas De Lieselotte Sherlock 3
Trinity Seven Medidas De Lieselotte Sherlock 4

Lieselotte Sherlock, known within the Trinity Seven series as one of the seven most powerful wizards, stands out for her intriguing personality and exceptional skill in the use of magic. Although initially presented as an enigmatic and secretive figure, Lieselotte displays a determined character and keen intelligence that make her a formidable force within the group of protagonists, her appearance, marked by blonde hair and purple eyes, complements her aura of mystery and determination.

Trinity Seven tells the story of Arata Kasuga, an ordinary student whose life changes drastically when an apocalyptic event known as the Collapse Phenomenon destroys his city and takes his cousin Hijiri with it. Desperate to find her, Arata enrolls in the Bible Academy of Magic, an institution where he can train to become a wizard and seek out the Trinity Seven, the seven most powerful wizards in the world. In this new magical world, Arata will not only have to master his magical skills, but also face dangerous creatures and unravel the mysteries surrounding the Collapse Phenomenon and the whereabouts of his cousin.

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