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Tokyo Revengers creator presents his new work

Negai no Astro is the big announcement from mangaka Ken Wakui so far this year. Let’s remember that this author is responsible for the creation of his outstanding work Tokyo Revengers, with which he reached popularity thanks to its anime adaptation that today has 3 seasons and Shijuku Swan, a not so well known work, but despite its little fame, it has a television drama of only 6 chapters.

Negai No Astro, the exciting new story from the creator of Tokyo Revengers

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Ken Wakui returns to the business after a year and a half and with a tremendous news, it is about his new work entitled Negai no Astro. The mangaka returns to the manga industry and does it at full speed, because this new work even has a release date. This story will begin its publication from April 15, 2024, in less than 2 weeks we will be able to enjoy a first approach to this intriguing story and know about its plot. So far what is known about this new manga is that it will be published through Weekly Shonen Jump, which means that it will be published weekly.

Regarding the plot, Wakui has only commented that it will have something to do with “supernatural criminals”, although this already gives indications that it will have similar notes to Tokyo Revengers, we hope it will be a captivating and interesting story that manages to catch the readers. More details about this new project of the great mangaka have not yet been revealed, its plot is unknown, and how long it plans to be, but one thing is certain, if you liked the theme of Tokyo Revengers criminals, then Negai no Astro will call you.

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Negai no Astro seems to have a notable essence of Tokyo revengers, which generates divided opinions among fans who are already aware of this news. There are the fans who are quite excited about this new project of the mangaka, on the other hand, there are those who decide to say a resounding NO to the story. This is because they were not satisfied with Wakui’s work in Tokyo Revengers, arguing that it was a very long story, with certain repetitive cycles, and that its adaptation to anime after the first season did not help it to gain acceptance.

Fans express that they expect from Negai no Astro a “decent” story that is good, and that leaves aside the time travel, even thanks to social networks, it has been possible to know a little about the appearance of the new protagonist of this story, from what can be seen, will share many physical features with Mikey and Takemichi. Wakui-sensei will keep the essence of Takemichi and company, but everything indicates that he may be taking everything supernatural beyond the time travel of his previous protagonist.

An interesting fact about this new news is that this time Ken Wakui is not part of Kodansha, the publishing house that was responsible for publishing Tokyo Revengers in its entirety. The author decides to try his luck in another big publisher of the manga industry, the well-known Shueisha, where Wakui will be publishing this new project. Finally, Negai No Astro will debut on the cover of the 20th volume of Weekly Shonen Jump this year, which will also have a color main page, so fans will be able to know this new story sooner rather than later.

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