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Tokyo Ghoul 10th anniversary announcement

It seems that the popular “Tokyo Ghoul” franchise has a very special surprise in store for fans as the respective official media of the anime adaptation have announced that on July 3, an incredible news will be released to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the television anime that was produced by the animation studio “Studio Pierrot“.

Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki

As we mentioned before, this news was announced to the public in the official media of the anime Tokyo Ghoul, which was accompanied by a teaser video that presents different moments seen in the series. In addition, this video also gives details about the expected day when this news will be revealed, which is very likely to be to the liking of the fans of this franchise.

Tokyo Ghoul anime prepares an incredible 10th anniversary announcement

This news shocked Tokyo Ghoul fans and despite the fact that in July it will be 10 years since the premiere of the first episode of the anime adaptation of the manga, there were not many indications from the production committee that this special event would be celebrated with an announcement like this, so the requests and requests for a Remake of the anime have invaded the official Twitter/X publication.

At the moment there are not many details about what this special announcement would be about, so we recommend fans of this anime that gave so much to talk about when it was on the air to be attentive to the official Twitter/X of the anime Tokyo Ghoul to not miss any updates that could be released soon.

Tokyo Ghoul 10 Aniversario Scaled

Tokyo Ghoul is a seinen manga written and illustrated by Sui Ishida. The manga began publication in Shueisha Publishing House’s Weekly Young Jump magazine in September 2011 and reached its end in September 2014. It is worth noting that Shueisha Publishing has collected Sui Ishida’s manga in a total of 14 volumes, and in January 2021 it was confirmed that the work managed to surpass the incredible figure of 47 million copies in circulation.

On July 4, 2014, the manga “Tokyo Ghoul” premiered its respective anime adaptation, consisting of a total of 48 episodes, divided into 3 seasons. The series was produced by the animation studio “Studio Pierrot” and is legally available in America through the Crunchyroll platform.

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul tells of a sinister menace invading Tokyo: flesh-eating “ghouls” that look identical to humans and blend in with its population. Secretive college student Ken Kaneki buries his nose in books and avoids news of the growing crisis. However, the appearance of an attractive woman named Rize Kamishiro breaks his loneliness when she proposes a date.

While escorting Rize home, Kaneki discovers that she is not as kind as she first seemed and that she has deceived him with sinister intentions. After a tragic struggle, he wakes up in a hospital and learns that his life has been saved by transplanting the deceased Rize’s organs into his own body.

Kaneki’s body begins to change horribly and he transforms into a human-ghoul hybrid. As he embarks on his frightening new journey, Kaneki clings to his humanity in the bloody conflict that develops between society’s new monsters and the government agents hunting them down.