Today is Maid’s Day! Celebrate it with your favorite waifus

The well-known “maids” are one of the most important groups in geek culture around the world, being that the girls who dress with the classic aprons and headbands are present in anime series, video games or all kinds of places where cute girls, or even husbandos are dressed in this way. And from Japan, to celebrate their own day, it was chosen that every May 10 is officially celebrated as maid’s day, mainly because of the great popularity that these have had over the years.

This May 10th is Maid’s Day!

Autor De Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Participa En Producto H

May 10 is a day recognized in several countries around the world for celebrating Mother’s Day, but from Japan comes a celebration that the anime or video game loving public in general will appreciate in the same way: the day of the “maids“, and is that from the Japanese country they decided to honor this style of waifus and husbandos so well known. The reason for this celebration comes from the pronunciation of May 10, which, if we take into account that the number ten can be pronounced as “Do”, saying this date in Japan would be like “May-Do”, very similar to how they say “maid” there.

Knowing this, and as it usually happens, in social networks, fans from all over the world take the opportunity to share the best images of their favorite “waifus” dressed as maids, being that over the years we not only have characters that focus on this theme, but have also dressed up on special occasions. In addition, there are franchises that base maids as one of their main attractions, such as Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon, which is usually the most talked about in the anime world.

But the success of maids has also spread to other media, such as video games, where we see a lot of examples of these outfits, one of the most famous, not only for this, but for knowing how to combine it with frenetic battles, is NieR: Automata, where 2B uses a stylized outfit. But undoubtedly where it is most often seen is in gacha style video games like Blue Archive, Azur Lane, Nikke, etc. and the amount of maids that can be obtained in these games is surprising not only for its variety, but for its beauty.

Below we share some cute maid style waifus to celebrate their day:

One Punch Man: Tatsumaki Enciende A Otakus En Versión Maid
Shenhe Maid
Chizuru Mizuhara Rent-A-Girlfriend Maid
Bocchi The Rock! - Bocchi Maid Invade Internet Con Inauditas Ilustraciones

Also, as usual, with a new year of many new releases in different media, social media artists are expected to create new representative images of many of the waifus that have been released, such as Sousou no Frieren, which was one of the most representative anime of the last months. It is more than certain that, although there are already images of them dressed as maids, taking advantage of the day, Frieren, Fern or Übel among others, will be recreated even more with this adorable style.

But not only they will be the faces of the illustrations, and is that in the world of gaming has also been born this year one of the most important “waifus” of recent times, being that with the release of Stellar Blade, Eve has become one of the prettiest girls we can see in the world of video games. Now we will just have to wait for this day and how the social networks and communities will be filled with a lot of images, either from Japan that are already celebrating the day, as well as the rest of the world that will join the celebration for the maid’s day.

2B Nier: Automata