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To Love-Ru fan goes on TV for her Yami-chan collection

A story full of misunderstandings, comedy and cute girls, To Love-Ru is a work full of memorable characters in the history of anime, many of them may become our favorites, but do you think you are a fan of these? If you think you are, you should see a Japanese fan of the character Yami-chan, interviewed for loving the character so much that he has over 10,000 screenshots of this one.

To Love-Ru fan surprises the public with his Yami-chan collection

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Recently on Japanese television, more specifically in the program “Monday Late Show”, where there are all kinds of sections, from comedy, news and interviews, in the latter is where our fan arrives, being presented as the number one fan of the character Yami-chan of To Love-Ru. He is asked different questions about his collection, the one that stands out the most is the amount of screenshots he has of the character in his hard drive, exceeding 10,000, a total madness.

Japanese fans were quick to offer encouraging words: “Having more than 10,000 screenshots and the collection of other stuff, this guy really is the example of an anime fan”, “Yami-chan fans are amazing”, “I love the shirt, but 10,000 screenshots, that’s crazy”. They agree that the numbers are high and this kid’s fanaticism is to be admired.

The character of Yami, an assassin tasked with annihilating Rito, is an appealing character to many fans, constantly the emotionless and unaffectionate manner of the character, resembling the Kuudere stereotype, appeals to many fans. She may be a scary lady, as her job is to end lives, but, in a recent illustration by To Love-Ru, she shows us a different side of her, something we have highlighted in this note on our page.

To Love-Ru Yami Ilustración 02

As a last interesting fact about this fan of To Love-Ru, is that, every time he was on screen, the character of Yami-chan, he took pictures every 0.1 seconds until the moment the character left the scene, something that led him to achieve the number of images he has of the character. Not only images, in Japan and different parts of the world there are hardcore anime fans who have shown their love for characters or series by collecting or performing remarkable feats, something we see every day.

Yami-chan has her appearance when she tries to end the life of Rito, protagonist of To love-Ru while he was shopping, as an assassin she must fulfill her mission, but in the series she does not achieve her mission, always being in Rito’s social circle. She is commonly perceived as someone with few expressions, although we see how she develops feelings throughout the series, showing her kindness and the true side of her being.

To Love-Ru Yami Ilustración 01