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To Love-Ru Darkness: Yui Kotegawa’s huge “plot” uncovered

To Love-Ru Darkness has a very funny story full of “rikura”, this work also has an interesting repertoire of female characters that have their own group of fans. Today we will talk about the beautiful waifu Yui Kotegawa and, to no one’s surprise, her name is flooding the social networks, especially the Twitter/X platform, because a user shared the exact measure of her great attributes.

Yui Kotegawa of To Love-Ru Darkness surprises with the size of her assets

To Love-Ru Darkness: Yui Kotegawa Y El Enorme  Tamaño De Su &Quot;Trama&Quot;
To Love-Ru Darkness: Yui Kotegawa Y El Enorme  Tamaño De Su &Quot;Trama&Quot;

As we said before, through the Twitter/X platform a user named hikariokiraku shared a very interesting post that surprised the fans of To Love-Ru Darkness. In this post there were some images that showed the exact size of Yui Kotegawa’s “charms”, the images show us measures, angles and the distance of these with respect to the waifu’s back.

In the image shown in the publication we can see Yui Kotegawa, a character from the To Love-Ru Darkness franchise. The function of this image is to create expectation about the anatomy of the beautiful waifu, as we can see, Yui seems to be falling, the image does not show us her whole body, but we can appreciate her legs and what is more important, her torso.

As we mentioned before, everything seems to indicate that Yui is falling and as this happens she falls backwards on her back opening her legs a little and letting us see her front area, which is the protagonist of the image. In To Love-Ru Darkness she is wearing her high school costume which we know is characterized by a yellow vest that this time frames very well the size of the attributes of our character.

To Love-Ru Darkness: Yui Kotegawa Y El Enorme  Tamaño De Su &Quot;Trama&Quot;
To Love-Ru Darkness: Yui Kotegawa Y El Enorme  Tamaño De Su &Quot;Trama&Quot;

Having said all of the above, it’s time for us to go a little deeper into Yui Kotegawa’s cup size. You don’t know what this is, let me explain how cups are classified in a bra, they are classified in letters that represent different sizes. The commonly used classification is as follows: Cup A: For small, Cup B: For medium, Cup C: For medium to large and Cup D: For larger, although of course, there are also DD or E cups and DDD or F for much larger “attributes”.

Cup sizes can be classified differently depending on the country and the manufacturer, often we can see how these start with the letter A and go up to Z where A is for the smallest and obviously Z is for the very large ones. According to the images shared by this user, the character of To Love-Ru Darkness is a G cup which is normally between 24 to 26 cm respectively.

To Love-Ru Darkness: Yui Kotegawa Y El Enorme  Tamaño De Su &Quot;Trama&Quot;

Yui Kotegawa who is one of the main characters in the series “To Love-Ru”. She is a high school student in the same class as Rito Yuuki, the main protagonist. Yui is known for her serious, responsible and strict personality, this often leads her to act as the authority figure with high morals and sense of duty within the group of characters we will meet throughout the series.

Unlike many of the female characters in the series, Yui is quite reserved when it comes to romantic relationships and tends to disapprove of the kinky situations that Rito and other characters find themselves involved in. Yui Kotegawa is that character who maintains order and a certain balance between humor and seriousness that takes place in the To Love-Ru Darkness series.