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Tifa and Aerith delight in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth with their swimsuits

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is not yet released, but that is not an impediment for it to be flooding the internet with all kinds of news, from the fact that it is already one of the best titles of the year without being released or the different images that were published to increase the hype of the fans. A few days ago a video was released where we saw one of the emblematic areas of the original game, but in this case it was the “waifus” who stole all the attention, Tifa and Aerith, who dressed in cute swimsuits delighted the fans.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth becomes a trend for Tifa and Aeith in swimsuits

Tifa Y Aerith Deleitan En Final Fantasy Vii Rebirth Con Sus Trajes De Baño

On February 29 will be officially released for all players Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, continuation of the remake of Final Fantasy VII released in 2020, and it is that in the same way, without having been released, it is already raising all kinds of comments from fans. An official video was presented showing the updated version of the Costa del Sol area, but it surprised not because of the place itself, but because it was Tifa and Aerith who stole the attention of the fans.

As this is a territory where beaches abound, during the video we see our protagonists dressed for the occasion, with the men wearing swimsuits and other peculiar outfits, but it was these two “waifus” who caused the most commotion, as we can see them dressed in cute swimsuits. In addition, during the scene we see them both interacting with our protagonist Cloud, in a moment that will become one of the most recognized within a franchise as beloved as Final Fantasy.

As for the clothes of the girls we see that first Tifa is using a two-piece swimsuit in white with purple details and which in turn has some ruffles at the end of these, giving the feeling of using a skirt at the bottom. On the other hand, Aerith is also wearing a two-piece swimsuit, but in this case the pink color is the one that predominates in the color palette, and both girls have a flower in their hair that completes the outfit.

Below we share a fragment of video where we see the appearance of both girls in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, plus some images that show us better the clothes of Tifa and Aerith in this new game:

Tifa Y Aerith Deleitan En Final Fantasy Vii Rebirth Con Sus Trajes De Baño
Tifa Y Aerith Deleitan En Final Fantasy Vii Rebirth Con Sus Trajes De Baño
Final Fantasy Vii Rebirth Tifa Aerith 3 Scaled

As the fans were the ones who echoed the news, we can see how the internet was flooded with comments of all kinds about these girls, first highlighting the beauty of both, which was already known because both are the most beloved characters by the community for this, but that was highlighted by the outfit. On the other hand, it was also the artists and cosplayers who spoke out about the situation, since the new outfits open the possibility that many works, whether illustrations or real-life representations of them, will be created in the near future.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the next game to be released from the franchise this February 29, exclusively for the PlayStation 5 console, being this the continuation of Final Fantasy VII remake that was originally released in 2020. Following the gameplay of past installments, this will be based on real-time combat where not only physical attacks will be used, but also the variety of characters will allow the use of magic of all kinds, in one of the titles that promises not only to be an excellent sequel, but one of the best games of the franchise.

Tifa Y Aerith Deleitan En Final Fantasy Vii Rebirth Con Sus Trajes De Baño

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