Stellar Blade

This beautiful model is the flesh and blood version of Stellar Blade Eve’s new waifu.

With only one day in the market officially, the video game Stellar Blade is giving much to talk about in social networks, either for its story or the frenetic combat system that this has, but mainly for its protagonist, and Eve is already positioned as one of the best “waifus” of the year. But in order to bring this beautiful girl to life, not only do we need different people to recreate her in the game, but much of her beauty comes from a real person, in this case the South Korean model Zennyrt, which shows us how Eve is closer to us than we think.

Zennyrt was the beautiful model used to bring Eve to life in Stellar Blade.

Stellar Blade: Conoce A Zennyrt, La Hermosa Modelo Que Dio Vida A La “Waifu” Eve

With the recent release of Stellar Blade, fans are revolutionizing the internet, especially social networks, where we see all kinds of works, such as illustrations or cosplays, mostly having the beautiful Eve as the main character, but what many do not know is the person behind her, a real one, at least at body level. And since the announcement of the game, over the months much information was discovered, such as where the model of the protagonist came from, surprising many when it was discovered that a South Korean influencer had been chosen.

More precisely we refer to Shin Jae-eun, better known in the networks as Zennyrt, a model belonging to South Korea who lent her body so that the beautiful protagonist of Stellar Blade can have that figure so recognized with which she can be seen within the same game. Although it should be clarified that only the body of this model was used for the recreation of Eve, while the face was not confirmed if it belongs to a real person or if it is simply a creation from the same developer.

Zennyrt is dedicated to create content in different social networks, being a model, most of her works are focused on showing her beauty, the day to day or any situation where we can appreciate her better. Also, as part of her work, along with this one that allowed her to “lend” her body to Eve from Stellar Blade, she has been part of various audiovisual projects, either for different brands of clothing, as well as presenting products of all kinds, being that in addition to creating the content mentioned above has a page where she uploads images more “whimsical”.

Here are some photos taken from her Instagram where we can get to know a little more about the girl who gave life to the beloved Eve from Stellar Blade:

Zennyrt Stellar Blade
Stellar Blade: Conoce A Zennyrt, La Hermosa Modelo Que Dio Vida A La “Waifu” Eve
Stellar Blade: Conoce A Zennyrt, La Hermosa Modelo Que Dio Vida A La “Waifu” Eve

And as this is a day of celebration for the launch of the game, Zennyrt herself shared a video on her Instagram account in which we see her posing for the cameras that then recreated her body in the game, and although this video has been known for some time, Zennyrt used it as a way of celebration. In addition, she shared a good amount of stories from various fans who are playing Stellar Blade, so the excitement was not only from those in love with the game, but also from “Eve” herself.

Stellar Blade was officially released this April 26 exclusively for PlayStation 5 consoles and is being one of the best releases of the year, with a gameplay reminiscent of games like Bayonetta or NieR: Automata. In Stellar Blade the player takes on the role of Eve, a young woman who, along with her squad, must recover her home on Earth, which is desolate after fighting and losing against alien beings known as “Naytiba”. Here our protagonist will meet Adam, a survivor who takes her to the last settlement on Earth, where between them they will look for a way to recover the planet.