This game allows you to marry their waifus in real life

Many anime-themed video games in recent years have been adding an endless number of waifus as a good way to hook the thousands of fans around the world, so that it can be profitable through the fanservices with which these characters are designed.

Niitzuma LovelyxCation the virtual reality video game that lets you marry her beautiful waifus

For a Japanese game to have good numbers it has to stand out from the great variety of competition in the Japanese video game market. Although many have managed to give us waifus that have become celebrities, other titles that also contain incredible waifus have not been as successful as the ones we know today.

Visual novels are one of the Japanese video game genres where we can find a great variety of female characters or waifus for the compas. Due to the fact that between 500 to 600 of them are released per year, there are many waifus for everyone. This genre is something very common in Japan and that in the West is the opposite, since most Westerners are not used to play this kind of games that are based on visuals and reading.

So to reach more users, developers and companies in charge of them, decide to create things that we would have never imagined, one of them entitled LOVELY×CATION being the focus of attention because in collaboration with Hibiki Works, they developed a virtual reality version of this delivery for those lonely who are fans of these waifus can marry them.


In order to carry out this grandiose ceremony, the players or rather the bride and groom will have to dress in an elegant tuxedo, and they will also have to choose which of the girls available in the software they want to marry. From which we can choose Yuki Isurugi (the girl with long black hair), Aiko Kurihara (the girl with short brown hair) or Nono Naruse (the girl with gray hair).

Next, they will be fitted with virtual reality goggles and a headset for a better experience. Once the girl is chosen, you will finally be able to marry her in a real chapel, assisted by the program’s staff. Although this is a private event, you will be surrounded by your family and friends, or simply with a fellow “reality altered” person who shares your passion for waifus.


No doubt it is something very exciting and something very crazy, so many will wonder if there is really someone who really dares to perform such events, and the truth is yes, in fact, it is very common that such situations are carried out. So much so that there are all kinds of dating simulators, weddings, even virtual sweethearts all over Japan and they are very successful because little by little dating with real girls and guys is decreasing over the years, because many people end up with very lonely lives.


Interestingly said game exists for purchase digitally, either individually or included in the collection called ALL×CATION which contains all the titles in the franchise, such as LOVELY×CATION, LOVELY×CATION2, Natural Vacation, PRETTY×CATION, PRETTY×CATION2, PURELY×CATION. Of which, LOVELY×CATION, Natural Vacation, PRETTY×CATION and PRETTY×CATION have adult anime adaptations. So if you have virtual reality goggles you can purchase the software and live this experience.