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This anime under the spotlight for alleged plagiarism to One Piece

In the world of anime it is sometimes very common to see some inspirations from other previous works in the industry when animating some projects, as we will see with “Ninja Kamui” in a moment. This can be reflected in camera angles, scene lighting, etc. One of the most specific cases that can exemplify this is the case involving “Overflow” and “Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry” where in a certain specific case the movements of both Ayane and Stella are very similar if not the same.

This time the anime “Ninja Kamui” is facing a controversy in social networks where the most observant fans have noticed a very small detail in a scene that has caused a debate on whether or not this anime has plagiarized nothing more and nothing less than “One Piece“.

Ninja Kamui is questioned in networks for this peculiar situation similar to One Piece in its most recent episode.

Ninja Kamui Es Funado Por Supuesto Plagio A One Piece 3
Ninja Kamui Es Funado Por Supuesto Plagio A One Piece 1
Ninja Kamui – Episodio 11
Ninja Kamui Es Funado Por Supuesto Plagio A One Piece 2
One Piece – Episodio 924

It turns out that through Twitter/X a publication has caused a lot of commotion because it shows us how episode number 11 of “Ninja Kamui” has apparently recycled a painting that One Piece previously used. Specifically speaking of this episode number 11 we see the conclusion of the fight between Higan and Zai, during the raw cooling Zai activates his “Secret Art: Thunder” which gives him a super human speed, which allows him to hit Higan with several blows showing us some pretty impressive visual effects. It is here where the controversy began, because at a certain point in the scene we see a black and white image.

This black and white image may well seem to some extent irrelevant, but it was not so thanks to some fans noticed that this specific picture is particularly the same as the one we see in one of the fight scenes of One Piece. Specifically talking about chapter number 924, where Luffy and company are in the country of Wano after their confrontation with Kaido. Obviously, the reactions to this publication, which reached more than a thousand “likes” on the platform, were not long in coming.

One Piece Arte Wano

Was One Piece plagiarized?

Some of them mentioned that this was a very evident “plagiarism” and questioned how it was possible that an outside work could have access to animated material from other studios, while they were annoyed. In this sense, there were some who mentioned that this could be something as simple as in the world of videogames, where some titles share the same “assets” or “resources” that are provided by the graphic engine they use when developing their game, which would be the most logical explanation. While another sector supported the argument that this was an exaggeration.

Undoubtedly something very interesting that shows the attention to detail that some fans have, so let us know in the comments what you think about this peculiar situation and about the “frames” shown above. In our opinion they are quite similar, but not the same one hundred percent, which leaves us with the intrigue of knowing how the studio in charge of “Ninja Kamui” got to this point.

Ninja Kamui 1

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