The manhwa H “A Wonderful New World” causes an Internet sensation

For quite some time now, the H manhwa called “A Wonderful New World” has become very relevant in social networks due to a curiosity that has left many quite perplexed. This is due to the viralization of an image published by the Twitter/X platform user “Anime News And Facts”, where it was put in context that the mastermind behind the manhwa “A Wonderful New World” is actually a woman.

Fans of “A Wonderful New World” are shocked to learn that the artist of the piece is a woman!

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Manhwa A Wonderful New World Autora Soprende A Los Fans 2

As we have mentioned before, the manhwa H called “A Wonderful New World” has gone viral both in social networks and in several internet forums and this time it is not due to the scenes full of “richness” that it shows us, but this time it is due to its art, or more correctly to the artist.

It turns out that some people who follow this work have found out that who is behind the art of the work is nothing more and nothing less than a woman, something that has surprised both those people who do not follow the manhwa “A Wonderful New World“, as well as people who watch this story out of the corner of their eye just to pass the time. The artist named Yoon Gon-ji is in charge of drawing such exciting and “whimsical” scenes that have made it one of the most popular stories in recent months.

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Evidently, this discovery has left people on the internet and some of the readers of “A Wonderful New World” very surprised, since one would think that the person behind those panels full of “fanservice” was a man, because for some reason, they thought that the story of this manhwa could only be the product of a boy’s imagination, nothing further from reality, since it has been seen on different occasions that women are very involved in this industry.

For those who are not aware, it is worth remembering that the “manhwa” is the comic book industry in South Korea, an industry that in recent years has been gaining popularity in the West, due to the arguments that these stories present and the art of each of its pages. But one genre in particular has stood out the most, we are talking about the H stories.

A Wonderful New World

It is worth noting that this is not the first time that the author of the manhwa “A Wonderful New World”, Yoon Gon-ji, introduces herself to her audience and this talented artist has an official YouTube channel where she shows the day-to-day production of her work by presenting the process of the illustrations. In addition, she not only limits herself in doing that, as she also shows herself enjoying a Hobby day by presenting some gameplays of popular video games.

A Wonderful New World” tells the story of Ho-sung LEE, an office worker who has found himself in a big mess. Sung, who is not very popular at work or with his co-workers, one day receives the news that he will be disciplined. It turns out that he is accused of installing a video camera in the company’s bathrooms, accusations that he denies, but because of his unpopularity and bad reputation, no one believes in his innocence.

Sung, will quickly see how his innocence is proven thanks to an unexpected witness, but even with this resolved, his colleagues are still suspicious and distrustful of this office worker. It will not be until he meets Mi Jung KIM that his life will take a radical turn. A story that will take us into a world full of passion between this unexpected protagonist and the different and beautiful girls with whom he will live and with whom he will manage to have a relationship beyond his work. A work that will show great moments to all the fans of the manhwa H.

A Wonderful New World Manhwa Seon Rin Jin

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