The King of Fighters XIII

The King of Fighters XIII: Global Match now available for PS4 and Nintendo Switch

SNK’s fighting game franchise, The King of Fighters is one of the most iconic and influential of the entire genre, which enjoyed enormous popularity in Latin America. These excellent video games are usually the protagonists of numerous tournaments due to their charismatic characters and complex fighting system. Among these, KOF XIII (originally released in 2010) is considered one of the best installments of the franchise and, luckily for the community, it has just returned in an impressive remaster. Announced in April this year, The King of Fighters XIII: Global Match has just been released for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on November 16.

You can now enjoy the best version of The King of Fighters XIII!

Gameplay De The King Of Fighters Xiii: Global Match 1

To celebrate the occasion, SNK uploaded a launch trailer on its official YouTube channel. In it, we can see a bit more about the gameplay and mechanics of The King of Fighters XIII: Global Match, officially described as “the pinnacle of 2D fighting games”: KOF XIII will have a complete overhaul with Rollback Netcode, which will completely improve connectivity over the internet, along with a spectator mode in online battles. We were also able to see the Hyper Drive Mode, which will allow us to increase the speed of combat to make the combos of the characters faster and instantaneous. Although we recommend this mode only for the most experienced fans of the saga.

In the official description of the game, SNK said: “The King of Fighters XIII, the final chapter of the Ash saga, and one of the most acclaimed installments of the series, is back” after explaining in detail some of the changes and improvements of this remaster, the statement concludes with “It also features an expanded cast of 36 playable characters, including Kyo in NESTS Style, Classic Iori and Mr. Karate! The best 2D graphics in KOF history come to life when you face off against players from all over the world via the internet.” So it’s good to see the company recognizing the importance and quality of this classic.

Gameplay De The King Of Fighters Xiii: Global Match 2

If you like fighting video games, you can’t miss this incredible opportunity to try out one of the best exponents of the entire genre. Especially now that it comes with improvements to facilitate online play and speed up the combat system. The King of Fighters XIII: Global Match is now available on Nintendo eShop and PlayStation Store, at a modest price of $19.99 dollars.


The King Of Fighters Xiii: Global Match