The first waifus and husbandos in anime

Within the world of anime, it is quite normal for fans to have fictional “crushes” that are referred to as husbandos or waifus and maybe, in most cases, the list is quite long. But do you remember who was the first 2D character that captured your heart? Now, a user on Reddit, opened up the debate where many people shared interesting answers about the first animated character that charmed them and here we share with you the details.

Internet users share their first love from anime

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User AsharHasnain on Reddit started the conversation with the question, “Who was your first animated crush?” Likewise he shared his answer, saying that he had seen this question on another forum on the platform, but they were mainly referring to Cartoon Network characters, likewise answering his own question he said that in his case Rize from the anime Tokyo Ghoul, had been the first to capture his heart, and that before her he had never really considered being able to fall in love with something that was a product of animation. From this, more users wrote their answers and, of course, there is a lot of variety because each person wrote from their experience, however, there were also certain coincidences.

One of those answers, which several users repeated, was the beautiful Misty from Pokemon, but she was not the only one mentioned from this series, Jessie and Ash also made their appearance. Other anime such as Inuyasha, Ranma 1/2, Sailor Moon, among others, were also mentioned. Some people commented that they were not so young anymore, so it was not uncommon to come across several anime of yesteryear that many people probably remember from their childhood.

There were also certain users that, although they are not really “new”, they are not as old as the aforementioned, to give an example of this, we have Death Note, which was released in 2006, several years ago, but not as far back as the first ones.

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Now, speaking of those cartoons that do not originate from Japan, some common responses were Marvel characters and Daphne from Scooby-Doo. Most people focused on those that are from anime, so the out-of-this-world comments were few and far between. An interesting comment was that according to the answers, one could get a good idea of the age of the users and, this is something quite true, for example, someone commented “Satoru Gojo” and of course, this would indicate that this is someone very young. On the contrary, if they talk about an anime like Sakura Cardcaptor, there is a high probability that it is someone who lived his childhood in the 90s.

In many occasions, the first fictional love defines a clear path for the tastes that one acquires as time goes by, even if we don’t notice it at first glance. But if we stop to remember who was the first character that made us fall in love and we look at our current husbands and waifus, maybe we will find a clear pattern and as they say on the internet, we will notice that our tastes have not changed but only evolved. Clearly, this is not a rule that is fulfilled in all cases, but more than one person has experienced this very curious fact.

Finally, nowadays anime is much more popular than in the past, not only in terms of how many people around the world can choose their love within this genre, but also thanks to the diversity of series that are released regularly, the options increase more and more. In fact, many series solely focused on waifus and husbandos are coming out very frequently, thus increasing the infatuation of fans.