The favorite anime elf waifus of 2024

There is no doubt that within the manga and anime industry, female characters are among the favorites in each of the thousands of stories, whether they are heroines, sidekicks or even villains. Fans choose their favorites and somehow “fall in love” with them, either because of their personality or design. There are girls who become more popular than others and today we present you some of this season.

Frieren and Marcille as fans’ favorite waifus

Waifus Frieren Y Marcil

Anime fans always have their favorite girls from each season that is released and these last seasons are no exception. Some of the characteristics that make us love these girls are their attractive design, including their hair color, their eyes, for example. Also the attitudes and virtues they show, intelligent, strong, tender, shy.

An endless number of elements that make them unique. Added to all the above, we must not forget that waifus are not limited only to human girls, as there are also representations of mythological beings such as elves. Creatures that according to their origin have a very beautiful and attractive appearance, with the ability to live for a long time or even to be immortal and very skilled with magic.


A large part of anime fans find these girls fascinating, as they value their skills and unique features, their big eyes, but above all what stands out the most, are their pointed ears. Of course, these waifus do not go unnoticed and this season we have two very cute elves Friren from Sousou no Friren and Marcille from Dungeon Meshi.

And it seems that anime fans have divided to support their favorite waifus. On one side we have Frieren, a powerful sorceress just over a thousand years old, with a totally different concept of time, she is calm and carefree, but when she fights demons she is to be feared. She also has a sensitive side, from the fact that they make comments about her age and even cry because of a tantrum.

Waifu Marcille Dungeon Meshi

On the other hand, there is the waifu Marcille, a mage who is not quite an elf, but still skilled with difficult spells. She is loyal to her companions and intelligent. She sometimes acts nervously and doubts herself, but ends up being confident in her abilities. She is careful and can become short-tempered when there are things she doesn’t like.

They may have elements they share, but each has her own essence and this is why fans have their favorite waifu. These girls have especially captured the attention of anime fans for another season, they usually appear in fantasy and magic stories, particularly in isekais and here we leave you a list of some where these beautiful elf waifus appear. Tell us, which is your favorite elf?

Waifus Elfas

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