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Tekken 8: Waifus’ attributes get “good” physiques

Tekken 8 is the next game to come out of the popular fighting saga, very loved by fans, especially for the different characters that were presented in the deliveries, especially the “waifus”, which are surprising with their variety, as well as with the beauty that characterize them, And now fans of these girls will be more than happy, since it was announced that not only will there be a good amount of them, but also that an important aspect such as their breasts will have realistic physics when moving, something that even, as one of the directors of the game says, was done without their consent.

Tekken 8 will have “good” physics in the “attributes” of its girls

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Katsuhiro Harada is one of the main directors of the next game in the Tekken saga, Tekken 8, and a few days ago he was part of a talk where he made several statements that not only increased the hype of those waiting for the release of the game on January 26, but also gave details of how the development of the game has been, especially commenting on how the different “waifus” that make up the future title have more than real physics in an aspect as striking as their “attributes”.

And although this seems to be a decision of the directors to increase the attachment of the players with Tekken 8, it was Katsuhiro Harada himself who commented how these, among other decisions, were taken behind his back, being that he even prefers not to have this type of “movements” in his girls, since he considers Tekken as a more serious saga in this type of aspects, which is not necessary and does not contribute what he is looking for for the title, and although he does not mind the casual moves, which really exist, it seems excessive what has been seen so far.

This detail of the movement of “attributes” was presented to him suddenly when mastering Tekken 8, where he was surprised by how the breasts of the girls not only moved as it should be in real life, but it was even excessive, showing that the animators and programmers had really worked making changes behind their backs. And these movements have been known for a few months now, when official videos of the game were presented, where even a player compiled moments where you can see this movement in question.

Below is the video where you can see this movement of “attributes” of the girls in action:

Reina Tekken 8

Tekken 8 is the next game to be released of the saga, which has a release date for next January 26 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S/X and PC consoles, being that like all the saga will be a fighting title which will allow us to select from a large number of characters, where, as mentioned by its director, will be based on the aggressiveness of the characters, having in turn a new indicator system “Heat” that promises not only to give more dynamism to the fights, but also a new way to play the most veterans of a saga that has been on the market for decades.

Tekken, as we mentioned, is one of the most iconic sagas in the world of video games, which debuted in 1994 and has released several titles to its name, the most current being the one that will be released in a few weeks, the already mentioned Tekken 8. The franchise has delivered a lot of characters that have become iconic in the world of video games as Kazuya Mishima or King, being that the variety of these is not only the same as that seen in other titles of the genre, but to be so present for quite some time many players have become attached to the characters.

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