Takagi-san: Fans disappointed with live action synopsis

The popular romantic comedy manga Teasing Master Takagi-san (Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san) has undoubtedly caused a stir among its fans since the first season and thanks to its success, some time later, it would even be adapted in live-action format. With this, the expectations of the fans were high to see that this love story would arrive in another format, but apparently they have been somewhat disappointed by the story that will be adapted in the next movie, especially for what has been seen in the synopsis of this new version.

Takagi-san live-action movie surprises its fans

Fans of this cute and funny story of young love received a new and great surprise that will surely thrill them greatly. Already with three seasons and an animated movie, it was announced that the streaming platform Netflix would distribute the production of a series in live-action format, and not only that, but also a movie in the same format, so the relevance of the franchise was total.

Although the series had its premiere a few days ago, last March 26, this would be responsible for adapting, by chapters, the appreciated main story that develops in the manga. This is why fans believed that the movie would be in charge of complementing the rest of the story until the end of the series, but some time later, more details were revealed, generating a mixed expectation among Takagi-san’s followers.

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What finally did not convince the fans who have followed this story until its end, since it was revealed that this film is an original plot in which the actors Mei Nagano (Takagi) and Fumiya Takahashi (Nishikata) will play the main characters. On the other hand, behind the scenes, the renowned director Rikiya Imaizumi will be in charge of transmitting the story in this format, making sure to do a job that will not disappoint the fans, which is the main goal of this new adaptation of an anime that has been so popular in recent years.

This story develops after Takagi-san decides to leave the island to continue his life and studies elsewhere, leaving behind the boy who always bothered him, Nishikata. Ten long years have passed since their last meeting, he is already a physical education teacher, while the cute Takagi-san returns now as a teacher trainee, which means their reunion again in the school where it all started.

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In this alternate future we see the protagonists as young adults and this time they will have to discover what they really feel for each other in a new opportunity that promises to be full of emotions and new situations. Undoubtedly, this generated a lot of curiosity among fans as they feel confused and somewhat disappointed, as they consider that Takagi-san does not require this kind of “changes”, wondering if the author Soichiro Yamamoto agrees with the new story.

The original film inspired by the manga Teasing Master Takagi-san is scheduled for release on May 31, 2024 and although it will be a story that alters the order of factors, we are sure that the ending will not disappoint us and we will see love triumph. If you don’t know this story, it tells the story of Takagi, a girl who loves to make jokes to her partner Nishikata, who tries to return the jokes, but without success, without knowing the intentions behind the jokes and while their unique relationship progresses. Let us know what you expect from this original film by Teasing Master Takagi-san.

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