Suzu Kanade

Suzu Kanade of Ayakashi Triangle charms fans with “Tasty” figure

The “craving” anime is one of the most popular among the community and Ayakashi Triangle was no exception, being from the renowned mangaka Kentaro Yabuki, expectations were high and although it did not have the success of his previous works, it did not go unnoticed and fans remember this story especially for its waifus. And it is for this reason that a new and daring figure inspired by Suzu Kanade has been launched and fans will surely love it for its high quality.

Ayakashi Triangle’s Suzu Kanade stuns in a daring figure

Suzu Kanade De Ayakashi Triangle Encanta A Fans Con “Rikolina” Figura
Suzu Kanade De Ayakashi Triangle Encanta A Fans Con “Rikolina” Figura

For lovers of “”yummy”” animes and followers of the mangaka Kentaro Yabuki, famous for his creation To Love Ru that became an icon of beautiful waifus in compromising situations, comes a new product that will simply fascinate and excite more than one fan, which they will want to get to add to their collection.

This time the world of the “rikolinas” figures expands with a special Ayakashi Triangle piece based on the waifu Suzu Kanade who with her sensuality and flirtatious charm will catch your attention in this incredible object. The beautiful Suzu arrives to enchant fans with her school uniform and not only that, because the plus of this figure is in the detail that exposes a little more skin.

Suzu Kanade, the cute waifu known as “The Ayakashi Priestess” looks great in this new figure, as she poses wearing her usual school uniform consisting of: a short black skirt with a golden line at the end, her short socks and brown shoes, with her blouse and sweater that she lifts with both hands to expose her smooth white abdomen that has driven Ayakashi Triangle fans crazy with this spicy detail.

Suzu Kanade De Ayakashi Triangle Encanta A Fans Con “Rikolina” Figura
Suzu Kanade De Ayakashi Triangle Encanta A Fans Con “Rikolina” Figura

With a simple pose, we observe Suzu with her long legs uncovered, her big purple eyes and with an innocent expression, as well as blushing on her face, she bravely lifts her clothes to show her torso in a figure that increases her great attractiveness and figure that highlights all her attributes.

The figure of Suzu is not articulated, however, has a great level of quality and detail, includes its support and has an approximate height of 24 cm. You can purchase it through QuesQ’s official website or from specialized web stores, as the pre-sale is already available for a cost of $160 dollars and the release date is scheduled for May 2025.

Suzu Kanade De Ayakashi Triangle Encanta A Fans Con “Rikolina” Figura

For those who don’t know Ayakashi Triangle, it presents the story of two friends, Matsuri Kazamaki and Suzu Kanade, who have the ability to see beings known as Ayakashis, which seek to devour the vital energy of people. And although they are good friends, as time goes by they become separated, since both have different ideas about the Ayakashis, for the fact that Suzu loves these beings even though they are dangerous, while Matsuri wants to eliminate them at all costs, but they must join forces when one day a strange cat named Shirogane appears.

And it is that this being that has powers wants to feed on Suzu, being that Matsuri, while trying to protect her friend, is hit by a spell that turns him into a pretty girl, so now he must live as a young girl while his grandfather finds a spell that can return him to normal. Now Suzu will enter into a dilemma, since the change of gender in who was always his friend is something that will impact her, greatly, in a story that combines romance, action and comedy in equal parts.

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