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Super Mario RPG Remake: How faithful is it to the original SNES version?

It’s still hard to believe, but the remake of Super Mario RPG is about to be released in the next few weeks. This was not only the first role-playing game starring Mario (which would later inspire excellent sagas like Paper Mario or Mario & Luigi) but it was also the first collaboration between Nintendo and Square Enix, when both were at their best. That’s why this game is an almost untouchable classic, so some fans have their doubts about it. How faithful is this remake? Will this classic adventure be recreated as it should be? Luckily, some media were able to play the remake for a few hours and we can make a solid comparison that will calm all those doubts.

Super Mario RPG: Comparing the Switch version with the SNES version.

Super Mario Rpg - Comparación Switch Vs. Snes Imagen 1 (Nintendo Life)
Crédito: Nintendo LIfe

The specialized site Nintendo Life had the opportunity to test the remake of Super Mario RPG for enough time to accumulate enough images to make this comparison of both versions. Don’t worry if you didn’t try the original Super Nintendo version, as the video only contains images of the first hours of the game and there are no spoilers. From what we can see, this remake will be extremely faithful to its original version. Although the game now has 3D graphics, the camera perspective and the proportions of the models manage to maintain its characteristic atmosphere perfectly.

Many fans feared that this new remake was going to be too “clean” and that it would remove some of Super Mario RPG’s funniest moments. But, from what we could see in this comparison, The dialogue and character animations are intact, and you can tell that the remake will keep the same sense of humor. From the Mushroom Kingdom to Bowser’s castle, this Nintendo Switch game looks more than good.

Super Mario Rpg - Comparación Switch Vs. Snes Imagen 2 (Nintendo Life)
Crédito: Nintendo LIfe

But the graphics are not the only important thing in this remake, there is also a big focus on the music. The original version of Super Mario RPG had an excellent soundtrack composed by the legendary Yoko Shimomura, and the new remake does justice to her legacy, with new orchestrated compositions that were recreated by the same composer. While the new music sounds great, the best news is that the remake has the option to choose between the original or the new versions. So it’s all up to your preference.

It doesn’t matter if you are a passionate fan of the Super Nintendo title or if you are a new player who is going to try it for the first time, this Super Mario RPG remake will please everyone equally. The graphics, sense of humor, dialogue and music manage to feel new, while still maintaining the essence that made the original so special. If you’re interested in trying it out, you won’t have to wait much longer: Super Mario RPG Remake will be released on November 17, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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