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Strike The Blood: Learn why they adapted the entire novel into anime!

An anime series known for its character design, story and (of course) a well-positioned ecchi, Strike The Blood. Which has delighted us all these years since the premiere of its anime adaptation in 2013, arising from the light novels of its author, Gakuto Mikumo, these light novels being adapted in their entirety by the anime, in many spectacular OVAs, but how did it achieve this, as there are many light novels out there that remain in oblivion.

The truth about the Strike The Blood light novel adaptation.

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A hot topic in recent days in internet forums, is the complete adaptation of the light novels Strike The Blood to anime, something that not many series are lucky enough to do (I’m talking to you, No game no life). Although many fans are wondering about, how could this be possible, since the series after its first season did not enjoy so much audience, to our luck comes like an angel descending from the heavens, Mikumo himself, creator of the series.

Mr. Mikumo explains that the series, after its first season, opted for OVAs, which raised enough money on their discs to offer a feedback, which made possible the total adaptation of the work. Something that added with the ecchi touches in the OVAs and a spectacular soundtrack, boosted the sales of these discs even more.

It is a fact, said by fans in the discussion forum, “I don’t regret buying the discs”, others mentioning the good quality of the series’ products, for their illustrations and detailed guides. It is also part of the fact that the series ended 2 years ago with a nine year run, being a joy and a sense of emptiness on the part of the fans, which we have detailed in this note about the end of Strike The Blood from our website.

Strike The Blood Twitter Captura 02
Strike The Blood Twitter Captura 01

The sales of the manga and the Blue/rays are optimal, Japan has always loved the series, since its inception, as a light novel, offering us some new elements for the decade that, combined, made the work have many followers. This reinforces all the comments supporting the Strike The Blood series in the forums, as well as the evidence that in people’s teenage years and past, the series found a place in people’s hearts.

The plot of Strike The Blood shows us Kojou Akatsuki (not those) a teenager with a somewhat mysterious and bitter appearance. A somewhat lonely boy who in his heart is a vampire, those legends that tell in Itogami Island, of demonic beings with great power, for Kojou, who is the fourth parent, it is somewhat annoying to have to hide from this truth, but it is not until the existence known as Yukina Himeragi bursts into his life that everything turns out of his peaceful plans.

Strike The Blood Ilustración 02