Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6: Cool artwork celebrates 3 million units sold!

Street Fighter 6, a title developed and edited by Capcom, has just shared a nice illustration to commemorate the milestone of “3 million copies sold” worldwide. This undoubtedly represents a great success for the Japanese developer and shows that the fighting saga released in 1987 continues to enjoy an enviable health. In addition, Capcom reported that it had managed to pass the barrier of 50 million total sales around this series and that they see with very good eyes the future of the same.

Chun-Li thanks you all! – Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6

With this sensational illustration inspired by the iconic fighter, the developers of the latest installment have wanted to thank for all the support they have received from their fans since the launch of the game in June 2023. From the official Japanese website, Capcom wanted to share what it has been like to manage a saga that has always been characterized by innovating and leading the way for what is now the hard-fought sector of fighting games:

The first game in the Street Fighter series was released as an arcade game in 1987; after that came our first hit with Street Fighter 2 which was praised for its groundbreaking battle system. From that date until now, 36 years have passed and the series continues to enjoy immense popularity, which has allowed us to become a driving force in the fighting game genre and e-sports.

In the same way, they highlighted the great reach of their most recent tournament held in the land of the rising sun and how Street Fighter 6 has been the standard bearer of their successful Capcom Pro Tour 2023, which will award 1 million dollars to the champion and 2 million in accumulated prizes.

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In addition to this, we can refer to the much talked about collaborations that this title has had, which have not exactly been few. From Exoprimal, to the one made in honor of the 30th anniversary of the well-known Baki arts manga, to the most recent crossover with the SPY x FAMILY anime, Street Fighter 6 has been characterized by trying to satisfy as many players as possible. However, as is almost always the case, some of these interactions do not always manage to please players, generating heated debates around the quality of these interactions.

Finally, and in the face of all this, Capcom assured that they will seek to continue with their commitment to offer deliveries that meet the expectations of their fans and can allow them to enjoy highly rewarding gaming experiences.

Remember that Street Fighter 6, winner of the GOTY 2023 for Best Fighting Game, is already available for the PlayStation ecosystem (PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5), Xbox Series X/S and compatibles (PC) through the Steam platform.

Street Fighter 6