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Stellar Blade receives its first patch and these are all the changes it brings

After a long wait, the day has come: Stellar Blade is now available for PlayStation 5. The new hack & slash from the company Shift Up was waiting for a long time, but you can enjoy it right now. But you should keep in mind something: The company already released a “Day One Patch”, which means that some things were already added and changed in this title. And here we will tell you about all the additions of this update.

Stellar Blade’s first patch includes New Game+ and a bit of censorship

Comparative Del Gore En Stellar Blade.

That’s right, if you already bought Stellar Blade on PS5 and update your game to the latest version, it will download this patch that will update several aspects of the experience and the user @KvltPersonality on Twitter recompiled some of the most interesting changes. One of the first we can notice is that now enemies and bosses will splatter much less blood towards Eve when they are defeated, which is very evident when we take a look at the comparison of this image. It is not such a radical change, but it is true that Eve turns out to be much less bloodstained after the update.

Other changes brought by the first Stellar Blade patch include a bit of “censorship” on two of Eve’s revealing outfits. These now show a little less of the attractive protagonist’s skin when equipped. Some fans are already complaining about this, but the truth is that it’s a very minimal change and Eve still looks good in both outfits, so it’s not too much of a problem.

But the most important part of this whole update is the inclusion of New Game+, which will allow players to replay the main story with all the items and upgrades they got in the previous game. This is an excellent addition and is being very well received by those fans who want to play Stellar Blade over and over again.

Comparativa Del Graffiti Censurado En Stellar Blade.

But the most outrageous change contained in this patch was the update of one of the textures of the environment. On one of the walls of the first version of Stellar Blade, we can see a graffiti that says “Hard” next to a sign with the letter R (which indicates that there is a store run by the character Roxanne). Many American players pointed out that this combination of words is usually used in reference to a word that has offensive connotations towards the African-American people of the country. While this was surely an accident on Shift Up’s part, it was quite unfortunate and so they decided to remove it almost immediately. The graffiti now reads “Crime“.

Luckily, all these changes are minor and do not affect the game experience. Except for the New Game+, as this is indeed an important addition for many players. It is worth noting that Stellar Blade is receiving very positive reviews everywhere (including here at ANMO Sugoi) and is being praised for its combat, mechanics, difficulty, world and graphics. If you’re interested, you won’t want to miss it. It is available starting today, exclusively on PlayStation 5.

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