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Stellar Blade celebrates game launch with spectacular Eve figure

Today Stellar Blade makes its grand debut for PlayStation 5 and many users are already enjoying this amazing title. Now as a commemoration of its release, the beautiful EVE has landed in our world with an incredible collectible figure, which is causing the whole internet to turn their eyes not only to the beautiful girl in the gameplays, but also to the collectible items that are already beginning to see the light of day for collectors.

EVE by Stellar Blade makes its PlayStation 5 debut and receives an incredible new figurine

Eve Stellar Blade Figura

The figure shows us the beautiful EVE of Stellar Blade with a very revealing outfit, as it not only lets us see the most daring part of the girl, but the figure is created to let us see the amazing thighs of this girl. For inside the game we see that the girl is extremely attractive, but in this figure the buff that her thighs had is amazing.

In addition, the girl has in this figure an incredible palette of colors that make a good contrast between her clothes, because the red contrasting with her black dress is something that captivates many of the fans, in addition, her red blouse with black reminds us of the famous Azur Lane figures in racing versions. Undoubtedly the beautiful EVE has a great arsenal not only of weapons, but also of clothes, because not only the figures will be the ones that will make the clothes protagonists, but the game of Stellar Blade will also have surprises for the players.

Eve Stellar Blade Figura 2

The quality in the details that the girl has in this figure, the hair, her weapon that rests in her right hand behind her back or the ground that she has under her feet, absolutely everything is beautiful. And without a doubt, even though this outfit is quite revealing, players will already be looking to get in the game the famous outfit that leaves very little to the imagination, and for all the fans, the outfit has not stayed only in the game, but also EVE brings it in a second version of this figure.

The company orzGK has not wasted time and has put several figures for sale of the beautiful EVE of Stellar Blade and to keep fans happy, the second version of the figure shows us the costume that lets us see the girl as if she were without it. While the textures in the game give it a little more realism, in this second version of the figure they have left nothing to the imagination and have recreated the costume quite well.

Eve Stellar Blade Figura 4 1
Eve Stellar Blade Figura 3
Eve Stellar Blade Figura 5

The second version of this figure shows us that the level of detail has improved even more, as we can have a much better view on how the girl shows her attributes in combat, in addition, the costume at a glance without being very close to the figure you get the impression that EVE has her “natural costume”.

So the curious who collect this figure and have it on display will be the center of attention for all those who are fans of both Hack-and-Slash and fans of games that feature a girl as the main character. If you already have your copy of Stellar Blade, whether digital or physical, you’ll notice how there are inspirations from several popular games.

The Stellar Blade figures are available for pre-sale, the red with black version and the version with the most popular costume will have a pre-sale price of $414 dollars each if you pay in full for the reservation, if you pay only the minimum value for the reservation for any of these two versions, these will cost you $160 dollars each. Now, if you are a very demanding fan and want both versions, there will be a deluxe version in which you can get both versions, this version will have a presale price of $716 dollars.

The figures will have a scale of 1/4, we will also have two types of platforms: both will have the same scale of 1/4, but the normal platform will have a height of 53 cm, width of 18 cm and diameter of 18 cm, while the deluxe platform will bring two boxes, the robot dog and the platform, its height will be 53 cm, its width will be 24 cm, and its diameter will be 28 cm. The EVE figures will have an approximate height of 51 cm to 70 cm, so if you want to display them both, you should have enough space in your collection, as the figures will be quite tall.

Undoubtedly, the release of Stellar Blade has left many fans of Hack-and-Slash games quite satisfied, coming to stay for a long time. We hope that in the future Shift-Up has plans for a sequel to this one or else a DLC that can expand the story or introduce us a little more to Tachy, the beautiful girl who helps us at the beginning of this great adventure.


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