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Spy x Family’s Yor shows her great charms in revealing figure

The success of “Spy x Family” is undeniable, a fabulous spy story full of comedy that came to surprise us and steal the hearts of all otaku alike. A fabulous cast was responsible, for the girls a “husbando” of height with “Loid”, for the general public “Anya” an infanta in charge of the funniest moments of the series and for the boys “Yor Forger” a stunning and very attractive “waifu“. This time Yor returns to show us her charms in a dazzling and very spicy figure that will leave you enchanted.

This incredible hot Yor figure from Spy x Family will leave you speechless!

Spy X Family Yor Nueva Ardiente Figura 1
Spy X Family Yor Nueva Ardiente Figura 2
Spy X Family Yor Nueva Ardiente Figura 3

“Studio DODOMO” through various figure distributors, has presented to the market its latest figure inspired by the always attractive and cute Yor Forger from the successful franchise “Spy x Family“, a figure that enhances all its feminine appeal in a scenario that conveys warmth and sensuality in all its splendor, but first let’s start describing this fabulous figure: Here we can see that the black-haired waifu is presented to us posing in a very naughty and sensual way, wearing her iconic red knitted sweater, while holding a glass of wine and giving us a very flirtatious and cute smile. .

It is also important to note that the detail where Yor rests her left foot on a small bench gives us a very interesting air, as the high black stockings highlight her big thighs and long legs, while with her right hand we see her taking off her flirtatious lower garment. This figure of Yor from “Spy x Family” shows us that sensual essence that is so characteristic of Yor, as both her attire, her poses, and her gestures show us why she is one of the favorite girls of the otakus.

Spy X Family Yor Nueva Ardiente Figura 4
Spy X Family Yor Nueva Ardiente Figura 5
Spy X Family Yor Nueva Ardiente Figura 6

This does not stop here, because the studio has also presented a second “deluxeversion that raises the spicy tone and lets us see Yor from “Spy x Family” in a surprising way. In this second figure our attractive “waifu” poses in the same way as in the previous one, but now the twist is that we can admire her slender body full of curves, prominent and wide hips, large and very well proportioned front attributes as well as a soft white and smooth skin, all this garnished with a black lingerie that certainly makes her one of the most praiseworthy figures of this character.

This figure based on Yor from “Spy x Family” is built in resin materials of great strength and quality with a height of 29 centimeters and a scale of 1/6 that includes a glass base for both versions with a cost of $ 190 for the regular version and $ 223 for the deluxe version. This collectible is in pre-sale phase and you can order it through the “ORZGK” page. . The delivery date is scheduled for November-December 2024.

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