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Spy x Family’s Anya to look incredibly cute in cute outfits in new game

Spy x Family is a work that has been very well received since its launch. Every new project they announce is eagerly awaited by fans. This franchise has managed to captivate us with its protagonist, which is very special, she is Anya Forger, a small and tender girl who has an incredible power of telepathy. Anya, due to her adorable design, is perfect to headline many projects such as Bandai’s new video game, titled “Spy x Anya: Operation Memories“.

Anya from Spy x Family will look great in the outfits available in the game “Spy x Anya: Operation Memories”.

Spy X Family: Una Adorable Figura Nendoroid De Anya Llegará A Japón

The Japanese video game developer, Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. published through its official X/Twitter account, a new video clip of the Spy x Family franchise game, which will be called “Spy x Anya: Operation Memories“. This clip shows us a bit of what the game will be about and the amount of different outfits that you can put on Anya to customize her. The outfits can be mixed and matched, so Anya from the Spy x Family series can look amazing every day with a different outfit.

Inside the game, besides clothes to dress the pink-haired telepath, we will also find sections to choose the best accessories, hairstyles and hats. Giving us an endless number of combinations to always have Anya in fashion. It is important to clarify that other characters in the game will also be customizable, for example Loid and Yor, but it is Anya who has the largest variety of options.

Spy x Anya: Operation Memories” from the Spy x Family franchise is already available in the land of the rising sun, that is, Japan, but only with its Nintendo Switch version. Its PS4 and PS5 versions, as shown in the video, will be available from June 27, 2024 in that country. It will be released worldwide on Switch, PS4 and PS5 on June 28, 2024. Finally, there are also plans to release a PC version, but there is no possible release date for this one.


The new game from Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. is based on the anime and manga franchise Spy x Family. In “Spy x Anya: Operation Memories” Anya has a school assignment, which is to create a diary of pictures of memories. You will have to take pictures when Anya finds something interesting for her diary. There are a total of 10 trips to unique destinations in order to create beautiful memories for Anya.

This is a single player adventure game, it includes 15 anime inspired mini games. Some of the things that can be done within the game are training with Yor, playing Bond at spies and using Anya’s gift to read cards in games of Tycoon. This is an incredible game to have a good time in the company of one of the most beloved families of the moment, and it is also grateful that its interface and subtitles will be available in 11 languages.