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Spy x Family: Yor Forger looks stunning in seductive figure

The mother and assassin Yor Forger from SPY x FAMILY was chosen to be part of the Mirai Collectibles company’s figure collection, it is no surprise that this character has been the protagonist of several projects since she became known, loved by many since her first appearance in the manga, she continued to gain followers with the release of the anime.

Spy x Family’s Yor Forger looks radiant in sexy figure

Spy X Family: Yor Forger Luce Espectacular En Seductora Figura
Spy X Family: Yor Forger Luce Espectacular En Seductora Figura

Each figure that Mirai Collectibles gives us is beautiful, in the images above we can see Yor Forger from the well known anime Spy x Family, looking elegant and beautiful, Yor is on a base, we can see some red steps and her on top, the rest of the base is made up of black roses with some reddish and orange touches, this certainly gives the assassin an air of superiority.

The protagonist of Spy x Family is in a pose that makes her figure look much taller and thinner, her right leg is in front of the left one making it look like she is walking forward, we can see her right hand raised with a glass of wine in it, her left hand is behind her hip and in it she holds one of her characteristic golden weapons, Yor looks attractive and implacable.

Now let’s talk about her outfit that only highlights the attributes of the beautiful assassin, her long black dress makes her look distinguished and the slit that goes from the left side of her hips to her feet gives a revealing and daring touch to her outfit, the neckline on her back is very sexy and reminds us that the character likes to turn her back, it is amazing how Yor never loses elegance, her heels are beautiful, her choker is a distinctive touch of the lady and her golden tiara with those roses on each side of the head reminds us that an accessory can become a weapon.

Spy X Family: Yor Forger Luce Espectacular En Seductora Figura

The bold Yor figure of Spy x Family will be available for purchase from October 7, 2023, so if you are a fan of this beautiful mother and assassin, you are in time to buy it, that said, the reservation ends on November 15, 2023 or while stocks last, her estimated release date is for the first quarter of 2024 (January – March approximately), the size of the standing figure with her black dress is 60cm tall, 33cm wide and 30cm deep and the seated figure stripped of her clothes is H33cm W37cm D22cm, with a scale of 1/4, the estimated prices are as follows:

  • Standard (Black Dress): 433.08 Dollars approximately.
  • Stripped (Sitting): 266.19 Dollars approximately.
  • Deluxe (Standard + Sitting + Extra Ponytail Head): US$595.75 approx.

It is amazing how Spy x Family has given us an innovative story within the Shonen, we fans are always grateful to discover new works that have a plot out of the conventional, Spy x Family has given us characters that won our affection since the first time we saw them, Yor has earned her place as an admirable assassin and as a benevolent mother that we all love.

Yor has shown us several facets throughout the anime/manga Spy x Family, she is a fragile and shy character, but she is also a loving and understanding mother who tries to take care of her daughter Anya, she along with Loid are gradually discovering what it is to have a family and chapter by chapter they have given us an entertaining story with amazing characters.

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