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Spy x Family merges with Chainsaw Man in epic Anya figurine

One of the reasons for the success of “Spy x Family” is its endearing characters, especially Anya the little pink-haired girl, who has given us many moments full of craziness that have brought a lot of laughter to all anime fans. Once again this girl surprises us again now in a figure that combines her outgoing personality with all the demeanor of “Chainsaw Man” in an epic crossover that will leave you speechless and will definitely make you pull out your wallet.

Anya dresses up as the chainsaw demon in this Chainsaw Man and Spy x Family figure!

Spy X Family Chainsaw Man Anya Figura 3
Spy X Family Chainsaw Man Anya Figura 1
Spy X Family Chainsaw Man Anya Figura 2

As is Anya’s custom in “Spy x Family” to surprise us, today has been no exception, thanks to “ZH Studio” and the prestigious figure distributor called “orzGK” have presented a figure that lets us see our funny girl impersonating the chainsaw demon from the “Chainsaw Man” franchise. Anya is shown wearing her typical school outfit, a one-piece black dress with elegant gold lines, as she poses in a glorious pose proudly displaying her cosplay.

Clearly, it is visible how the saws of the “Chainsaw Man” character protrude from Anya’s arms while the most characteristic feature is also present, we are talking about the red helmet with a small saw on the front. Obviously what would Anya be in Spy x Famliy without her hair ornaments, small black and gold horns that are also represented here, giving her personal touch to the figure.

Anya Forger Spy X Family 4

Finally, in this same section of the figure we see how Anya gives us a smile that inspires respect and preserves the personality of the chainsaw demon. Undoubtedly a great figure, as it combines the power of the “Chainsaw Man”, but at the same time lets us see that witty side that Anya shows us in “Spy x Family”. This figure of Anya Forger version Chainsaw Man is constructed in resin and PVC materials highly resistant to wear and tear. The scale and averages of this figure have not yet been revealed.

The pre-sale is already available at the official website of the distributor with a cost of 1751 Mexican pesos (100 dollars approximately). The release and shipping date for those who purchase this collectible of “Spy x Family – Chainsaw Man” is scheduled for the third quarter of this year 2024. It should be noted that only 298 units will be available, so it is highly recommended to order them if you are interested.

Undoubtedly a very interesting figure shows us a totally original and very funny scene that involves 2 of the works with more repercussion in its year of release, we are talking about “Chainsaw Man” and “Spy x Family”. Also a collectible that lets us imagine that both Anya and Denji share that fun, exciting and very irreverent side that has made all the fans of these 2 franchises have it in a very special place. So tell us what you think of this great figure of Anya doing this “cosplay”.

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