Spy x Family collaboration with PUBG Mobile just announced

The Forger family, has won the hearts of the public with their personality and the adventures we see them living in each passing episode. So with the growing popularity of Spy x Family, it is not uncommon to see this franchise more and more present in different products. This time, Spy x Family is teaming up with PUBG Mobile in what is sure to be an exciting collaboration.

Spy x Family teams up with PUBG for next collaboration

Spy X Family_ Pubg Mobile Collab

Kraftron Japan announced that a collaboration event with Spy x Family will appear in the PUBG Mobile video game, however, there is still no more information about the release date or the characters that will be part of this event. We will surely have a lot of new content for all fans of both the anime and the video game. But having a background of other franchises appearing in PUBG Mobile, we can deduce what is expected to be found for this new update; usually when some anime is included in this game, there are new elements such as themes, skins, camouflages for weapons and armor.

Some of the anime that have previously already made a temporary appearance in PUBG Mobile are Evangelion, Dragon Ball Super and Jujutsu Kaisen. For example, with the latter mentioned, the collaboration consisted of some items known as cosmetics that resemble some of those in the series, so it is possible that something similar will happen with Spy x Family. For we have many elements within this story that could make an appearance within this video game and would be easily identifiable as the weapons that both Loid and Yor use to fight.

Jujutsu Kaisen X Pubg Mobile

On the one hand, Spy x Family introduces us to one of Westalis’ best spies known as Twilight who is assigned an important mission, but in order to carry it out, he must get a wife and a child as soon as possible and start a family with her. This is how he ends up adopting little Anya and marrying Yor Briar. This family is very peculiar, since the three members of it hide their true identity, Twilight who adopts the name of Loid Forger, is a spy, his daughter Anya is actually a telepath and his wife Yor, is dedicated to desvivir people and in this world is known as “Thorn Princess”.

PUBG Mobile is an online battle video game released in 2018 as an adaptation of the PUBG: Battlegrounds video game and at one point became the second most played mobile video game. It is available for mobile devices for both Android and iOS. The game typically features characters parachuting down to a remote island and fight until only one player is left alive or everyone loses their lives when the area shuts down.

Two franchises that feature quite different stories, which we may even think have nothing to do with each other, so it will be very interesting to see what this collaboration has in store for fans of both the anime and the game. Hopefully we will soon have more information about it to know all the details. Do you plan to play this PUBG Mobile update with Spy x Family?

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