SPY x FAMILY celebrates film’s success with stunning visuals

Screenings of the “SPY x FAMILY” anime series movie, titled “SPY x FAMILY CODE: White“, are proving to be a resounding success at the Japanese box office. Various portals in Japan have confirmed that the SPY x FAMILY movie ranked #1 over the weekend, holding the #1 spot at the Japanese box office for the third consecutive weekend.

Spy X Family Code: White Llegará A Latinoamérica

According to a report by Japanese website “Comic Natalie“, the movie “SPY x FAMILY CODE: White” has grossed a total of 4.2 billion yen (about $29 million USD) and sold more than 3.29 million tickets just 24 days after its debut in Japanese theaters.

That’s why to celebrate this incredible box office, the official media for the anime adaptation of Tatsuya Endo‘s manga, SPY x FAMILY, has unveiled a new visual image for the franchise film.

SPY x FAMILY celebrates film’s success with stunning visuals

Spy X Family Code White Visual

The film “SPY x FAMIY CODE: White” began showing in Japanese theaters on December 22, 2023. Animation studios WIT Studio and CloverWorks are in charge of the production of the film.

It is worth mentioning that the anime film SPY x FAMILY will also be shown in theaters in Latin America later this year. However, for the moment it is not known when the film will be released or in which countries it will be screened.

Spy X Family Code: White Promo

The action-comedy shonen manga “SPY x FAMILY” is a work created by Tatsuya Endo. Its exciting story began its publication in the month of March 2019, through the website Shonen Jump+, owned by the renowned publisher Shueisha.

Since then, this fascinating work has captivated a wide audience and to date, “SPY x FAMILY” has been collected in a total of 12 volumes, all of them released by Shueisha publishing house. Currently, the manga has more than 31 million copies in circulation.

On April 9, 2022, the long-awaited anime adaptation of the manga “SPY x FAMILY” made its television debut in Japan. The series is composed of 2 seasons (37 episodes in total) and a movie and the animation studios WIT Studio and Cloverworks were in charge of its production. In addition, it should be noted that the anime SPY x FAMILY is legally available on the Crunchyroll platform, who made a English dub for the series.


SPY x FAMILY” is a riveting anime that immerses viewers in a world full of intrigue, corrupt politics and the constant threat of war between the neighboring nations of Ostania and Westalis. In this tense context, we follow the risky missions of “Twilight”, a renowned spy and master of disguise, whose goal is to spare children from the horrors of war.

The plot unfolds in the bustling city of Berlint, where Twilight, under the identity of “Loid Forger,” infiltrates the prestigious Eden Academy to obtain information about politician Donovan Desmond. His plan involves forming a fake family with city hall employee Yor Briar, acting as his wife, and adopting Anya, a six-year-old orphan with special abilities. As Loid tries to balance his role as fictional father and husband, the hidden secrets of each family member begin to emerge.

With a plot full of exciting twists and complex characters, “SPY x FAMILY” explores themes of identity, love and loyalty against a backdrop of constant deception. Despite their false origins, the Framers discover that the bond that unites them is stronger than any artifice, creating a unique and emotional dynamic in this seemingly perfect family.