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Spy x Family: Anya H Doll worries otakus

The popularity of Spy x Family is so great globally that it has inspired the creation of a wide variety of unofficial merchandise of the main characters of the series, highlighting the pirated products for not having any moral boundaries.

The wide range of pirated products circulating on the internet have surpassed any possible expectation and recently an H doll inspired by the young Anya Forger from the anime Spy x Family has gone viral through the Japanese blog Otakomu. This development has caused great concern, especially because it is a fairly young character.

Spy x Family’s Anya Forger inspires a disturbing product

Spy X Family: Una Muñeca H De Anya Preocupa

Rather than an informative publication, it seems that Otakomu’s main focus is to generate debate on whether this type of product is suitable for sale. Especially since the article is limited to showing only two images of the Anya Forger doll from Spy x Family.

The first image shows the young Forger doll sitting on a couch in a red dress with her iconic hairstyle, while the second image raises concerns about the explicit pose in which she appears in her trademark school uniform.

Spy X Family: Una Muñeca H De Anya Preocupa

The posting on Otakomu has quickly generated a flurry of comments from users from all over Japan and the world, evidencing great concern about how a wide variety of H-figures and dolls inspired by popular anime characters are being produced in China with great ease.

The rise of such products is evidence of the lack of stricter government regulations in China to curb the non-consensual reproduction of copyright-infringing merchandise. These were not the only negative comments about this Anya Forger H doll from Spy x Family, though, as some expressed their displeasure at products that play with the image of such a young character.

Spy X Anya: Operation Memories Lanza Trailer Nuevo

On the other hand, no details on how to purchase this type of merchandise were given on the blog and in the discussions that were generated following the doll’s release. However, based on information gathered, we found that the Anya Forger H doll from Spy x Family is 105 centimeters tall and can be purchased for an exorbitant $1350.

H doll manufacturing is so well structured in China that it is possible to recreate your waifu or dream girl, offering a wide range of possibilities that far surpasses several avatar editors available in mobile video games. However, it sounds quite disturbing the idea of buying an Anya Forger figure from Spy x Family and let’s hope it’s not such a common practice.

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