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Spy x Family: Anya dresses up as Arale in cute new figurine

Spy x Family since its inception has known how to handle the mood of the people in a great way, maintaining its popularity until today and being a highly anticipated series by fans. And this new product will leave many people excited by how cute it looks, as it is a fascinating figure of Anya Forger, but with a unique and special touch, since it dresses her as the beloved Arale, a character created by the legend Akira Toriyama.

Anya from Spy x Family version Arale is brought to life in this incredible figure.

Spy X Family
Spy X Family

This time the Wawa studio was in charge of bringing us a figure that will leave many people delighted. The cute and nice Anya Forger from Spy x Family appears in this new figure making a cute cosplay of Arale from Dr. Slump, which is so cute that no doubt will leave many people amazed by how well this outfit fits Anya.

As we can see in the images, the girlis wearing Arale’s outfit, which consists of a cute blue jumpsuit that covers a red t-shirt with yellow touches and to finish in a great way could not miss the characteristic glasses of her with the cap that bears her name. Which, looking at it from a perspective, looks great on Anya, so it fits her perfectly.

No doubt this is a very cute version of the character that will leave Spy x Family fans very happy, because Anya herself is a very cute character that catches the eye. And with this version of her cosplaying Arale, her cuteness increases even more, making this figure one that will be highly desired by fans and they will not hesitate to buy it.

Anya Forger 4 Scaled
Anya Forger 3 Scaled

As for the technical details of this product, we can find that it measures approximately 13 cm high, that although it is not a figure of great size, it will manage to stand out for the incredible details in its scenery that will manage to amaze the fans. And of course, the materials with which it was manufactured will leave people impressed by its amazing quality.

Those who are fans of Spy x Family and want to purchase this amazing figure, can do it through the page orzGK, where you can find that this product has an approximate price of $87 USD, but for its quality and unique appearance will be well worth the price to see this adorable Anya. So don’t think twice about getting it if you like Spy x Family, because it will be well worth it.

Spy X Family Season 2 Visual

For those who have not yet had the opportunity to watch the series, Spy x Family immerses us in a universe that is full of mystery with the constant threat of war between the nations of Ostania and Westalis, which is why spy agencies are an important pillar in today’s world to keep the peace. So the story puts us in the shoes of Agent Twilight, who adopts a new identity as Loid Forger to infiltrate the close circle of politician Donovan Desmond.

To implement his plan he forms a fake family with the help of a city hall employee named Yor Briar, who is a lethal undercover agent, to act as his wife and adopts Anya, a six-year-old orphan with special powers. And so begins this important mission to keep the peace with a family full of secrets, which will give us many moments of fun and tension as we see how the Forgers try to fulfill the mission and be the perfect family.

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