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Sousou no Frieren opens voting and you can now support your favorite characters!

With only a few episodes left before another season ends, it is indisputable that “Sousou no Frieren” (Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End) is still in the preference of anime fans. The adaptation of the manga in each installment is spectacular (it’s cinema). And of course, like everyone, we always have our favorite characters, either by their design, their personality or even the development they have throughout the story, so today we bring you a ranking of these characters.

Sousou no Frieren: vote for the most popular characters in history

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The anime has been so popular since it started airing that its first season is about to come to an end, and many of us hope that when this happens it will be accompanied by the announcement of a well-deserved second season. This is not long away and although it is rumored to have an “assured” continuation we can’t confirm anything yet, although it would make us very happy.

Every element of this magical and fantastic adventure has no equal, from its closing and opening themes, soundtrack and fabulous art, and of course its story that invites us to follow the path of the magical Elf Frieren, and that to some extent with touches of comedy delves into the theme of time and life itself, has us waiting every Friday.

Sousou no Frieren of course would not be the same without each of its diverse characters, because they are all unique, no matter how long they appear in the work, if they are heroes or villains, if they are recurrent or if they have a fleeting but shocking appearance, as the remembered case of Aura “The Guillotine”, who has captivated many fans who would have liked to see her a little more in the story, and yet she is still one of the favorite waifus.


If we talk about popularity, we have to say that previously, almost at the end of the first part of the anime, the first vote in which fans could support their favorite characters of Sousou no Frieren had already taken place. When the results were revealed, fans were surprised and perhaps not so surprised, because unlike what we could have imagined, in third place was Frieren’s archenemy, the legendary Mimic.

Our protagonist Frieren in second place, while the hero Himel in first place. And reaching the tenth place was the demon girl Aura “The Guillotine”. In these days, as a few months ago, a second vote of the characters of Sousou no Frieren has been reopened and as a preview they have revealed that, for now, Aura is the one in ninth place thanks to the fans who have felt “subdued” by her power and beauty.

Many believe that we could see some of the previous characters in similar positions, but it is obvious that other girls like Kanne, Lawine, Serie and Übel, who appeared in the second animated part, may be in the new ranking. Voting is still open until the 24th of this month and if you want to support your favorites from Sousou no Frieren you can do it at the following link.

Sousou No Frieren

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