Sousou no Frieren

Sousou no Frieren and Monster Strike cause excitement with collaboration

Sousou no Frieren (Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End), is one of the most popular anime of the moment, its first season, which just ended, did an excellent job, which impacted and enamored many fans who are now anxiously awaiting the confirmation of a second season. In the meantime, Sousou no Frieren keeps surprising its fans with news like this awesome collaboration with Monster Strike that is about to be released. If you are a fan of Sousou no Frieren, Monster Strike or both, you have to continue reading this article to find out all the details.

Sousou no Frieren and Monster Strike launch joint event

Sousou No Frieren X Monster Strike Collab

Through its official Twitter/X account, Monster Strike announced that this event would begin on April 6, which means that we are just a few days away from being able to live this experience. In this publication, they also shared all the details, for those who are interested in acquiring the collaboration. This event will be a gacha that includes three characters and two from Geki Jushinsai, which are Sin Guilty and Gekirin. Of course, the three collaboration characters will be Frieren, Fern and Stark. It also tells us that when you get the collaboration starter pack, you will get the hero Himmel who is only available in this pack.

The initial pack with which you have the possibility of having Himmel, has a cost of $6.61 dollars, and in this pack you can also get an interesting variety of items to improve your characters, so the purchase could be much more beneficial. A detail to take into account and that is very remarkable, is that you will only be able to get one of these packages per person. This participation as a whole, will be only for a limited time from April 6 to April 13, so you will have to keep it in mind not to miss it.

And as it is very common to see lately with news related to Sousou no Frieren, fans showed their joy at this news with comments of all kinds excited about the union of two franchises very dear to the fans. However, one issue that several people expressed doubts about is mixing the joint participation of Sousou no Frieren with Geki Jushinsai, since in this case it would have been better to separate each event. This mainly so that the game can be better divided into which characters to cast, as well as so that players can better choose their rolls.

Sousou No Frieren X Monster Strike Collab2
Ousou No Frieren X Monster Strike Collab3
Ousou No Frieren X Monster Strike Collab4

In general, it seemed to be excellent news for fans of both Sousou no Frieren and Monster Strike, who are already preparing to make this purchase and be able to enjoy the wonderful characters that this story offers us and integrate them into this game that many people already enjoy. It will be an event that will keep players entertained, since it was also shared the information that there will be daily requests and that they will receive rewards according to the number of times they are completed. Such rewards include, among other things, collaboration characters.

In addition to a beautiful story, Sousou no Frieren left us with magnificent characters that won the affection of the series’ fans, so it is not surprising that so many people are fascinated to have more of them outside the anime and continue delving into the magical universe that this story made us feel. Now we will not only accompany Frieren and company in their adventures in the series, but we will also be able to be part of their experiences in other equally exciting ways. Are you planning to purchase this collaboration? Let us know in the comments.

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