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Sousou no Frieren continues to rack up incredible achievements

Sousou no Frieren scores one more achievement in its trajectory, and this incredible and very touching work came to raise the standard in this type of stories. As all of us who are followers of this anime have noticed, the work has been unstoppable in terms of success, as it has already achieved very good numbers in aspects such as music thanks to its very popular opening that is increasing on YouTube, and now it does so with copies in circulation.

Sousou no Frieren reaches an incredible number of copies

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It is thanks to the official FRIEREN_PR account that posted on the X/Twitter social network a very good news about the Sousou no Frieren manga. His textual message was “The cumulative total of 21 million copies was surpassed”. Undoubtedly a quite impressive figure and one that is challenging for the new generation of manga to surpass, not just any work reaches these significant amounts for the industry.

The support of the fans has been so great that it is clearly reflected in this publication, where the most repeated comment is “Congratulations”. The fans have been a very important part of Frieren’s journey in Sousou no Frieren, because without them it would not have been possible to reach this wonderful number of reprints in circulation, which were sold one after another instantly.

If we start to analyze and to dimension more about this, the success of Sousou no Frieren really was and is quite a lot. First let’s keep in mind that the manga began its publication on April 28, 2020, first through Shūkan Shōnen Sunday magazine, it was until August 18 of that same year that it began with the publication of its first volume. Since you are aware of this fact, now start counting how much time has passed since then, it really is already years of following this beautiful and emotional story.

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So far, and although the Sousou no Frieren manga has been published steadily for several years, it has only been published for a total of 13 volumes. The 13th volume was published recently, being on April 17, 2024 when we finally met this volume of the manga. It is just about this issue that they put in the post, uploading the image of the cover of the 13th issue to the official account.

For many fans, Sousou no Frieren is a work that breaks the typical clichés of this type of stories, and for others it came to win a special place in their hearts because of the lessons and messages that this work leaves us. Both the manga and the anime are well loved within the community of anime fans, and both already have important figures in their statistics, which is why we do not doubt that this work will continue to break and may even win a world record.

Sousou No Frieren

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