Sound! Euphonium

Sound! Euphonium revives one of the biggest controversies in its history

This season has marked the return of several anime that many fans have been longing to see again for a long time. “Sound! Euphonium” (Hibike! Euphonium) from Kyoto Animation Studios, is one of the most notable in this regard, as after a long wait, finally the musical drama with “slice of life” touches that tells us the mischievousness of the music club of “Kitauji High School” to return to participate and be champions of the national tournaments, has returned with its third season.

Unfortunately, the return of “Sound! Euphonium” has also reminded fans of a very peculiar controversy that arose a few years ago with the premiere of its second season. This was due to a detail involving Reina Kousaka, one of the main characters and one of the most charming girls of the series, because at that time a fan charged against the animators in charge of the project.

Fans remember the controversy that “Sound! Euphonium” unleashed in its second season.

Sound Euphonium Se Gana El Hate De Otaku En Redes Sociales

It turns out that in one of the first episodes of that second season of “Sound! Euphonium” the main girls of the series, make a kind of retreat to train their skills before one of the most important competitions, it is here where in one particular scene we see Reina taking off her clothes to prepare to take a bath. Apparently this scene was not to the liking of an Otaku who charged against the animators of Tokyo Animation, because in his opinion the design they had given to the underwear, especially Reina’s bra, was very simple and unattractive.

More specifically this particular fan said that Kyoto Animation had the ability to draw incredibly beautiful backgrounds and characters, but the design of the bras was so bad, lacking attractiveness and sensuality that one can notice the index of little experience and contact with women of the animators with whom they work on the project. Evidently, this comment caused a lot of commotion at the time among the anime’s fans and now that its third season is still on air, there are still many who remember this incident and there are even those who are just finding out that this happened.

La Vez Que Sound Euphonium Se Gano El Hate De Los Otakus Por Un Sosten

In this sense, fans commented that the one who really had no experience with women was the otaku who made this comment, because some girls who are fans of anime pointed out that in reality the vast majority of them did not always wear colorful underwear like the ones that usually appear in anime. In fact, many of them focused on this type of comments where they pointed out that they usually wore comfortable and simple clothes, without flashy ornaments.

On the other hand, there were also those who pointed out that most of the animators who worked for the studio were from “Sound! Euphonium” (Hibike! Euphonium) were women, so these criticisms were nonsense and that if they were dedicated to draw and animate more beautiful and showy underwear, it would simply double the work time for the series.

Sound Euphonium Reina Kousaka

Sound! Euphonium” (Hibike! Euphonium) takes us into the emotional story of the music club of the “Kitauji High School”. In which we see how day by day its members deal with the difficulties and the great moments of school life, all with the goal of participating in one of the most prestigious and acclaimed music tournaments in the country in order to become national champions.

In this context we meet Kumiko, Reina, Asuka, Hazuki who, guided by their passion and love for their instruments, will give everything to make their dream come true, while facing their fears and doubts in an incredible and emotional musical journey that every fan should enjoy at least once.