SINoALICE’s Fan Made movie now available

Square Enix has announced that the SINoALICE Fan Made movie can now be seen on streaming platforms, after some fans made this feature film, the great Japanese company has chosen to place it for the enjoyment of many fans. The feature film will not only have its space to be enjoyed on streaming services, but will also be available for purchase in physical format through Amazon.

SINoALICE blows up the internet with its imminent arrival on streaming platforms thanks to Square Enix and Amazon


The SINoALICE Fan Made movie was great news from Square Enix, as fans of this game had no idea that the great Japanese company along with Amazon would take an unofficial project to streaming platforms, and now it is a reality. And is that both Amazon Prime and U-Next you can find this amazing movie, but not only have they stayed with bringing it to platforms like Amazon, but also will have a physical format and which you can book in specialized stores of the multinational.

You will be able to reserve the SINoALICE movie on Amazon until April 30, so you still have time to get a hidden gem that will most likely become one of the most sought after films in the future by collectors. Although the physical format of this film will not be released until June 6 of this year, so those dedicated to collecting this type of products will have to wait a little longer to get this version of SINoALICE.


And although you will have to wait a bit before you can have this copy of SINoALICE in your hands, the price of this will be $45.50 dollars. While on Streaming platforms this movie can be rented or purchased, so the prices to rent it will be about $ 2.64 dollars, while if you buy a digital copy the value will be $ 13.20 dollars.

The fan base of this game is undoubtedly somewhat surprising, because let’s remember that the creator of NieR Automata is also the author of this game, we are talking about the famous Yoko Taro. This was developed for mobile devices, and since its release date in 2017 in Japan and worldwide in 2020. Unfortunately, the servers of this game were closed in November 2023 globally and in Japan closed in the month of January 2024.

For those who do not know this title, it is placed within the role-playing genre developed by the company Pokelabo. In SINoALICE we will know a world called Library, where there are a lot of stories of all kinds, and in each of these there will be a character who wants to revive the author of the book to live the desired future. For this they will have to unite the Inochi and eliminate the nightmares that devour the stories in order to achieve their precious goal for which they are fighting.


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