SINoALICE prepares to say goodbye after 6 years of service

The popular dark fantasy RPG, born and baptized as SINoALICE had one of the best masterminds behind its development, the great Yoko Taro (Nier franchise), which guaranteed it to be in the spotlight even without still being on the market, the popularity that reached this title after its release was such that the developer, Pokelabo launched a global version in 2020 that quickly became a favorite of the community. Sadly, SINoALICE is preparing to say goodbye after 6 (well lived) years.

The end of a great one, SINoALICE will close its servers next year

Sinoalice Se Prepara Para Decir Adios Tras 6 Anos De Servicio

The sad news was revealed by the developer, Square Enix, which through an emotional message of thanks announced the inevitable closure of the servers, unfortunately it was also announced that players of the global version we take the worst part, since the servers of the global version will cease its services on November 15 while the Japanese version will say goodbye on January 15, 2024.

As a small consolation for fans of the global version, it was revealed that the browser version will be available until December 26, that is, you can no longer play on your mobile device, but at least you can enjoy this great title for a little longer in the browser version.

Pokelabo and Square Enix will release updates for the endgame starting December 26, 2023, and the premium currency sales ended yesterday with the announcement of the upcoming arrival of refund requests for those players who have Twilight Crystals in their account with the recommended option that if you plan to request a refund you cannot uninstall the app until it is processed.

You will be able to request a refund only for Twilight Crystals that you have purchased with real money and have not yet used in-game, cosmetics and other account content purchased with Twilight Crystals will not be considered for processing.

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This last part fills us with hope for the possible arrival of a special final chapter, as previously, when SINoALICE services in Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong ended, the great Yoko Taro wrote a special ending for those players. Once you have completed the ending, you could not log back into the game by closing its servers in the best way.

At the moment something similar has not been announced for the Japanese version, but given the announcement of updates starting December 26, we can get our hopes up a bit. The reasons behind the closure of its servers are still unknown, but at least we have a couple more days to give this great story the goodbye it deserves.

In case it catches your attention, SINoALICE presents us with a cruel story of girls who can’t live without dying, Up, down, left, right… Everything is the same, books pile up in all directions, welcome to the Library where everything is ruled by stories and words. Here you will hear the sobs of penitents, mournful moans, withering laughter and terrible shrieks. These are the voices of the characters of countless popular stories (Aladin, Cinderella, Alice, etc.), they all have something in common, they all share the same desire: to revive their author. But for this to come true, the other characters must die, regardless of the consequences.

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