Honkai Star Rail

Silver Wolf from Honkai Star Rail in a “sweet” figure

Silver Wolf, one of the most popular female characters of the Honkai Star Rail gacha, received a new collectible figure, but it is not just any product, but a spicy object that was made in collaboration by 2 companies: Cherry Studio and Hinami Studio and although many features are yet to be confirmed, the Silver Wolf figure will be a tremendous luxury for those who acquire it, either in pre-sale or on its release date due to the levels of realism of the female character.

Silver Wolf figure comes at a great time for the Honkai Star Rail franchise.

Silver Wolf De Honkai Star Rail Es Recreada En Un “Picante” Producto

Honkai Star Rail fans have been amazed with this new collector’s item featuring one of the most beloved girls of this title, Silver Wolf, who is recreated as faithfully as possible, and the materials used and the modeling are of the highest quality. In addition, to raise the temperature a little more, the “attributes” of the girl can be appreciated a little better, by the fact that these increased their size to how she is originally known, so fans can see a little better the body of a girl as beloved as she is within the community of the game.

The figure shows Silver Wolf on a chair, in the lower part it does not show her classic short shorts, showing only the small strip she wears underneath, showing her black-purple tennis shoes and crossed legs so as not to show too much and leave the rest to the imagination. In the torso part she shows her classic jacket, which she is taking off and showing a very thin garment that barely manages to cover the most sensitive areas. The face and hair parts measure the beautiful eyes and a bubble gum balloon, along with the glasses in the front part of the hair, in addition to the hairstyle with the wavy ponytail in purple and gray tones.

For those who are interested in acquiring this figure that has as protagonist the beautiful Silver Wolf, they can do it from the different web pages that are dedicated to the sale of these products, being that the prices could vary depending on the store, but the manufacturer has not yet confirmed the final price of the figure. Along with the cost that is not yet confirmed, neither the date, nor details of size are known, being that with the passing of the weeks this information will be given by the manufacturer.

Silver Wolf Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail is a relatively new title for mobile, PC and PS5, and after its latest update it has positioned itself as the fourth most downloaded video game among free games, only behind the global hits Roblox (1) Pokémon GO (2) and the ever-growing Genshin Impact (3). Honkai Star Rail could ascend to the podium in the following months, positioning itself in just one year as one of the best mobile RPG games of the moment, especially those that have “waifus” on their staff.

RPG’s with girls have turned out to be the new attraction and Honkai Star Rail is no exception, being that these video games that contain waifus and very attractive designs for the eyes of any gamer have managed to gain a lot of popularity. Of course Blue Archive, Nikke and Genshin Impact have the supremacy in that sense, but Honkai Star Rail did not want to be left behind and took advantage of the sculptural and beautiful figure of Silver Wolf to make a spicy figure at the height of its popularity.

Honkai: Star Rail Silver Wolf