Tantei wa Mou Shindeiru

Siesta by Tantei wa Mou Shindeiru captivates with elegant products

AnimeJapan, one of the biggest and most important anime events in the world, is very close to celebrate its 2024 edition in Japan. This year one of the participating franchises will be Tantei wa Mou Shindeiru (The Detective Is Already Dead), which will have exclusive items created for this event by Siesta, the protagonist of this story. We invite you to read on for more details.

Tantei Wa Mou Shindeiru Siesta looking adorable in new exclusive items for AnimeJapan 2024

Tantei Wa Mou Shindeiru Siesta Anime Japan 1

Curtain Damashii, a company dedicated to the sale of anime products, video games, among others, has just announced via Twitter/X the launch of Tantei Wa Mou Shindeiru products showing Siesta in an illustration that was made especially for this event. In said image, we see Siesta wearing a cute white dress, walking in a landscape surrounded by Sakuras (cherry blossoms). For some of the products that will be launched, there will be a special edition with exclusive sale in AnimeJapon 2024, in which the only difference is the expression on Siesta’s face, since in this one her face has a smiling gesture.

There are 6 Tantei Wa Mou Shindeiru products that will be on sale, but each one has a variation according to the type of sale they will have, since some of them can only be purchased online, some others will have a sale after the event, while others as mentioned above, are exclusive to AnimeJapan and are not planned to be put on sale to the general public in the future. In summary, considering all the versions, we will have a total of 12 products.

Tantei Wa Mou Shindeiru Siesta Animejapan Articulos

The first of these items is a set of double sided polyester curtains that are accompanied by a pair of tassels, which are ornaments used for the curtains. You can choose between two sizes 90 cm or 100 cm and you also have the option of adding opaque fabric at an additional cost, this fabric is sewn behind the curtain to add more protection against sunlight, but the design of the exterior will no longer be visible. This product is made entirely to order and cannot be made in sizes other than those stated above.

The second product is a polyester tapestry approximately 72 cm wide x 100 cm high, which is made of a soft, shiny, flexible and dense fabric. Included with it is a PET tube and a rope for hanging it on the wall. The tube can be taken off and put on the fabric, which makes it easy to use, and it can also be hung with the rope only.

Tantei Wa Mou Shindeiru Nap Curtain & Tapestry

Tantei Wa Mou Shindeiru Siesta Anime Japan 5
Tantei Wa Mou Shindeiru Siesta Anime Japan 6

The following article will be an acrylic of approximately 30 centimeters. The design only contemplates the drawing of Siesta, that is to say, we do not have in the background the landscape of Sakuras that we observed in the previous articles. This piece, besides containing the drawing of Siesta, also has a small acrylic base that will help to hold the image to be able to place it in the place of your preference.

We also have a paper print of Siesta’s drawing that comes in a white wooden frame. The approximate size of the illustration is 330 mm x 300 mm, while the frame measures 440 mm x 410 mm. The print has a very good light fastness and color reproduction, which makes it durable for a long time.

Acrylic and framed print of Siesta by Tantei Wa Mou Shindeiru

Tantei Wa Mou Shindeiru Siesta Anime Japan 4
Tantei Wa Mou Shindeiru Siesta Anime Japan 3

Then we have a rubber mat made by the front part of polyester and the back part of rubber with approximate measures of 60 cm wide x 35 cm high. This article can be used for several purposes, for example, it can be used as a game mat for board games, such as cards; it can also be used as a mat for the keyboard and mouse of the computer. Everything will depend on the needs and tastes of the user.

The last product of Tantei Wa Mou Shindeiru, is a comfortable polyester blanket made with a two-sided fabric with approximate measures of 140 cm x 80 cm and as in the previous products, the image that we can see is that of Siesta in a landscape full of sakuras. A perfect article to sleep with this beautiful waifu.

Rubber mat and blanket from Siesta de Tantei Wa Mou Shindeiru

Tantei Wa Mou Shindeiru Siesta Anime Japan 2
Tantei Wa Mou Shindeiru Siesta Anime Japan 2

The only items in this special collection of Tantei Wa Mou Shindeiru that do not have a special version of Siesta smiling, are the blanket and the rubber mat, all others are available in both designs. On the Curtain Damashii website, we can find the description and conditions of sale of each of the products to know the details about the shipping of each one.

The cost for each of these items is as follows: the curtains are priced at $120.60, the tapestry in single print costs $36.54 and in double print costs $43.85, the acrylic can also be purchased for $43.85, the rubber mat can be purchased for $21.93, the framed print costs $109.63 and finally the price of the blanket is $46.05. It should be noted that these prices do not yet consider the shipping cost.

In Tantei Wa Mou Shindeiru, Siesta is a very beautiful girl with superhuman physical strength and very high intelligence. If you are a fan of this franchise, especially Siesta, you can’t miss the opportunity to add some of these items to your collection, particularly since some of them you won’t be able to get on future occasions.