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Shizuku’s charms stand out in Hunter x Hunter cosplay

From the world of adventures, battles and awesome characters, Hunter x Hunter, comes one of the strongest of the ghost brigade, Shizuku Murasaki. A very (very) forgetful, clumsy and calm girl, her innocence makes her go unnoticed by the enemy, but in reality she is a fighter without limits. Now presented in a beautiful cosplay that demonstrates the reason for her position in the brigade and also her personal appeal.

Shizuru’s best angles in a single Hunter x Hunter cosplay.

Hunter X Hunter Sizuku Murasaki Cosplay Foto 01
Hunter X Hunter Sizuku Murasaki Cosplay Foto 02

A work submitted by the user “@tototarou_cos”, a cosplayer who represents different anime waifus, despite not being so recognized, has high quality works, this time giving us a glimpse of Shizuku Murasaki from Hunter x Hunter. A cosplay that, with all and accessories, presents the balance between physical beauty and kindness of the character, a magnificent compilation of images.

From her short black hair that contrasts with her long-sleeved sweater, which shows the attributes of her chest. Moving down we notice the spider mark, on the lower left side of her toned abdomen, which connects to her signature jeans. This cosplayer has done very well with the Hunter x Hunter franchise, in the previous occasion she presented us with a playful cosplay of the character of Neferpitou, something we have detailed in this note of our page.

Hunter X Hunter Sizuku Murasaki Cosplay Foto 04
Hunter X Hunter Sizuku Murasaki Cosplay Foto 03

A really well done work, with everything and characteristic accessories, from what we see it is a work achieved in its entirety. Undoubtedly the beauty of Tototarou surprises us again in this cosplay, being a veteran of the medium, having many partners with whom she collaborates in various anime events. If you want to see the sweetness of this cosplayer and all her works, you can do it here.

Shizuku’s character, is a girl belonging to the ghost brigade, being an agile and perfect girl for her job as an information collector, contrary to the name of her work, this is a forgetful girl, who sometimes can’t remember the name of people she has met recently. Clumsy and kind, an innocent combination that can be deadly to any enemy who underestimates this girl’s abilities. She can erase the traces of those who have died, which makes her someone to be feared.

In Hunter x Hunter, Gon Freecs, our protagonist decides to go on a journey to become an adventurer, as he feels ready to follow in the footsteps of his father, who lived for these. As he enters his life as an adventurer, Gon understands the problems that exist in the world, and also meets Shizuku in an arm wrestling tournament prepared by Shizuku, in one of her many adventures.

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